The Board Game Arena is regularly expanded to include new board games: according to operator information, almost 490 board games can now be used there in digital format. The website is self-proclaimed "The World's Largest Board Game Table". The platform has had nine innovations since mid-May.

Board Game Arena was created in 2010 by Grégory Isabelli and Emmanuel Colin, and the board game platform is now one of the best places to meet up with fans around the world for an online game. The range of games on Board Game Arena ranges from classics such as The Settlers of Catan to award-winning card games such as Hanabi and multi-player titles such as the Great Western Trail.

Board Game Arena: Regular updates

Digital board games are trendy - this also applies to online platforms on which the titles can be played directly in the browser. Asmodee has long since recognized this. The toy giant has them Board Game Arena therefore bought and integrated into its own company portfolio - "BGA" will, however, continue to be operated as an independent company unit. Nevertheless, the acquisition has resulted in advantages for the board game platform: the site has been expanded to include titles from publishers from the Asmodee Group, such as Splendor.

There are always new products at the Board Game Arena. The platform has had nine new additions since mid-May: Sushi Go!, Copenhagen, Fruit Picking, Crime Zoom, Century: Die Gewürzstrasse, Betta, Narabi, Next Station – London and the aforementioned Catan.

All board games can be played directly in the web browser without any installations. There are explanations, statistics and often different game modes, including tournaments, for the individual titles. Many games even have tutorials that make it easier to get started.

Board Game Arena can be used on all common end devices - on the PC, Mac, on tablets and smartphones with iOS or Android, the Wii U, Playstation or Xbox One. You don't have to pay anything as a player, you can. According to the providers, 4.660.000 games are played every month. The titles are available in 42 languages ​​and more than 200 countries.

Another highlight of the Board Game Arena: You can set the pace. The game is played in real time or in a turn-by-turn system. The operation is very simple and works basically by "drag and drop". The mouse pointer acts as a virtual extension of your own hand.

What is currently popular in the board game arena changes frequently. Sometimes it's classics like 6 takes, Carcassonne or The Castles of Burgundy, the next day board games like Azul, The Lost Runes of Arnak or Agricola are on the program. In any case, the selection of board games on the Board Game Arena platform is large.

The platform relies on the participation of the community, but is financed with a premium model. For 30 euros a year or XNUMX euros a month, you have access to premium games, skip waiting times and can play with friends in your hotseat mode. The premium titles include Dice Hospital, Great Western Trail, Race for the Galaxy, The Forbidden Island or A Feast for Odin. The Board Game Arena can be reached online at:, there is also more information.

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