Digital versions of board or card games sometimes have the bland aftertaste of simply recycling a well-known brand. Many die-hard socialite players even see the digital versions as the work of the devil. Board game apps are intended as alternatives that should not replace table games but complement them. Digital implementations open up new target groups of gamers and thus close the gap between video games and physical parlor games. The group of solo players in particular benefits enormously from app versions of well-known game titles. With its plans for the future, Asmodee Digital proves that app versions of even complex board games can be implemented sensibly. The lineup for the coming months is convincing and surprising.

Munchkin will be released as an app game in 2018

With its myriad of expansions and spin-offs it belongs Munchkin one of the most famous game series on the market. The simple basic concept that Steve Jackson came up with at the turn of the millennium worked just as well back then as it still works today. In addition, the sometimes bizarre illustrations by John Kovalic contributed to the role card game Munchkin has become a real classic that enjoys cult status among many parlor players. The many swipes at characters, objects or abilities from other fantasy games and films is legendary and makes a difference Munchkin more than just a good card game. 

Board game apps: Asmodee Digital with a convincing lineup

More interesting for fans than the question of whether Munchkin would appear in a digital version has so far been the question of when it will happen. Asmodee Digital recently provided the appropriate answer: Munchkins digital will be published in the course of 2018.

It is uncertain why the publication of the implementation was a long time coming. Perhaps it was due to the feasibility of the high social component that Munchkin made so famous among card games. Up until now it may have been questionable whether the satirical inserts and questionable player actions could be appropriately adapted for digital platforms without destroying the central (and entertaining) core of the role card game. A great advantage of board game apps is known to be their easy accessibility, for which tutorials are largely responsible. Munchkin, anyway an easy-to-learn card game, could gain further accessibility through playable introductory tasks in order to inspire non-players as well. The Munchkin app should be a real gain for all those who like to play alone, because that's difficult with the physical version. We'll know how good Munchkin will be as an app game by 2018 at the latest.

New digital editions: classics as board game apps

Board games like Monopoly, Man does not annoy you or game of life have long existed as digital alternatives. Because many classics from the field of board and card games are enjoyed and played a lot, developers are happy to look at the opportunities that are offered to them in the exploitation of existing brands. Asmodee Digital has also recognized that it is worth squeezing cult games into a digital corset.  

The entertaining placement game Carcassonne by Hans im Glück is one of the board games that will appear as a digital version in the fourth quarter of 2017. Carcassonne was already available in app stores, but Asmodee Digital has been sprucing up and improving it. What we were able to allude to at SPIEL'17 made an excellent impression.

The new edition relies on an isometric game perspective, which gives the entire board game a great look. If desired, however, active players can also switch to a clear top view. Zone markings that highlight the areas that are essential for the final scoring of the pawns are also practical. By the way: also the digital version of Carcassonne will be expanded over time by previously published content so that fans can also play the full range of the board game app.  

Board game apps, like their physical role models, have one-time costs in the form of the purchase price. The price range is between 1,99 euros and 6,99 euros. Exceptions are those adaptations that are available as so-called free-to-play titles. So are the basic versions of Spot it! duel or Onirim available free of charge, but additional content can be purchased via in-app purchase. 

Other titles that are already available or still appearing as app games at Asmodee Digital are, for example: Abalone, Ticket to Ride: My First Trip, Smash Up, Spot it! Duel - A Dobble Game, Mysterium, Potion Explosion, Jaipur, Onirim, Colt Exress, Pandemic, Splendor, Mr. Jack Pocket, Summoner Wars, Milles Bornes and Pathfinder adventures.

Third dimension: Catan goes VR

Virtual Reality is far from being suitable for the masses, also because high-performance hardware currently still causes high costs for customers. Some electronics manufacturers, such as Samsung, offer VR equipment at comparatively low prices. the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR* costs around 110 euros in stores, but is completely sufficient for playing board game implementations. It's good that Asmodee Digital is brave enough to develop its first board game apps with real VR functions.

Board game apps: Asmodee Digital with a convincing lineup

Klaus Teuber's popular board game The settlers of Catan is available for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR from the fourth quarter of 2017 and takes players into a visually impressive game environment. The developers cleverly exploit the additional effects of virtual reality to Catan vr an exciting experience. Not only is the game board itself displayed in VR, but also the game environment in the form of the rooms. Of course, players can join Catan vr dive straight into the game board and The settlers of Catan experience in a completely new way. Fortunately, the rules of the game have not changed. Only the look is more modern, more innovative - and more interactive.

Quite simple: Catan with a story is called Catan Stories

Whom himself Catan vr  If it is not innovative enough, you could perhaps enjoy a real new creation more. The extensive Catan universe literally ingratiates itself to developers in order to design stories that can be replayed. Asmodee Digital has recognized this and is committed Catan Stories: The Legend of the Pirates to a digital offshoot that knows how to tell stories.

Board game apps: Asmodee Digital with a convincing lineup

In the classic way, players experience a text adventure on their smartphone or tablet, which prompts them to make decisions between the individual narrative strands that influence the course of the story. This basic idea is not new: after all, text adventures have existed since the 1980s. What is new, however, is the fact that a board game environment is available as a setting for an adventure. Catan Stories is not primarily aimed at board players, but rather at fans of the brand who feel like it Catan to experience from a different perspective. Catan Stories will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017 for Andoird and iOS.

Apps for experts: Zombicide, Scythe, Terraforming Mars

So far it has been rather the shallow board games that served as the basis for an app. For expert gamers, for whom a certain complexity in board game apps is important, the offer was manageable or nonexistent. Asmodee Digital has ambitious plans for the future and wants to attract board game experts to mobile devices. So there are some promising board game apps in development that will appear over the next few months. During the anagram game bananagrams in the area of ​​novelties still passes as a family game, the announcements were closed zombicide, Scythe and Terraforming Mars much more surprising. Each of these titles is already terrific as a board game variant. 


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The digital implementations add practical comfort functions, solo game modes and helpful tutorials to the existing rules of the individual board games. In particular, even lovers of the physical versions benefit from the introductory missions, because dealing with complex rules and countless alternative courses of action can be practiced more easily. While Zombicide is only available for iOS and Android Terraforming Mars and Scythe are also available to PC gamers via the Steam gaming platform. 

Strategists are also happy about the digital version of Onitama*, which impresses in the table version not only with its great game material, but also with its grandiose rules of movement. 

Taken alone, digital adaptations can be viewed as extensions of personal gaming experiences and not as mere competing products. Overall, 2018 will be a spectacular year for fans of high-class board game apps.