Techland today celebrates the release of the first story-driven DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This time, players will be able to enter Carnage Hall - an old opera house that has been converted into a battle arena.

The encounters will be a real challenge, suitable even for the most experienced pilgrims. However, this expansion isn't just about a bloody tournament. Behind the action-packed combat lies a deep story of power and revenge.

The show must go on

All sorts of conflicts erupt at Carnage Hall. At one point players may be engaged in a relatively minor brawl only to be thrown straight into a spectacle. These are the greatest combat displays imaginable. Here you not only face off against infected and other fighters, but you also have to complete various tasks to stir up the crowd and tell the story correctly - comparable to a very bloody stage play. One of them could even take players back to the time of the Harran Crisis.

Along the journey, players will meet a variety of characters with real personalities and intricate relationships that affect everything around them. Players will discover the stories of the likes of Astrid (Carnage Hall showrunner), Ciro (a young, enthusiastic fighter), and Skullface (the arena's brutal champion).

In a place like this, flashy weapons and gear are not only a means of survival, but also an important status symbol. As such, players need considerable gear to impress the crowd, such as the magnificent Carnage Manica - a special shield that can withstand even the heaviest of blows.

In addition, gamers will face a variety of new enemy types. The ferocious gorilla Demolisher, the dangerous Cataclysm and the Molotov-throwing Grenadier. All of them, along with a whole horde of infected and other fighters, must be defeated on the way to victory.

Music for the carnage

Who saw the carnage in the launch trailer of bloody tieswho is a cover of Born To Be Wild in cooperation with Massive Music, you will find it here:

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