Ragnarok is coming! The digital version of Blood Rage will be released for PC later this month. Asmodee Digitale announced. This allows fans to enjoy the Viking version of the board game counterparts Rising Sun and Ankh: Gods of Egypt as a video game. In terms of price, the digital board game will cost around 20 euros - it starts on May 27th.

Eric M. Lang created Blood Rage - and also transferred the idea to two other settings. In addition to the Viking counterpart, Rising Sun and Ankh: Gods of Egypt fall back on similar playful frameworks. Has a little more than warmed up mead Blood Rage as the premiere game of Eric M. Lang's Mythic trilogy at the end of the day - especially in the newly released digital version. It is visually quite attractive.

Blood Rage: Viking release of the board game trilogy

Two to four players fight for the favor of the Nordic gods in Blood Rage. The fate in the preprogrammed and comparatively no alternative: either the players make it to Walhalla or Ragnarök, the Götterdämmerung, ensures that the funny Viking life is over. In any case, players choose their clan and strive for power, resources and quest rewards.

Fortunately, Blood Rage is not quite as blunt as the war between gods and giants: At the beginning of each round, divine gifts are drafted, which then grant bonuses or advantages. This is followed by the strategy that players should pursue - and it differs enormously depending on the deity. Nevertheless: The cards suggest profitable tactics.

There are fans who consider Blood Rage to be one of the best board games of the past few years. However, one should stand on battle-driven miniature games so that this assessment works. After all, the title ushered in the trilogy that Eric M-Land now has with the Kickstarter Ankh: Gods of Egypt brings to a conclusion. The project raised around 3,3 million US dollars via crowdfunding and is expected in May 2021.


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The digital version of Blood Rage realizes the board game true to the original, with 3D rendered models and numerous animations. All the content of the template can also be found in the digital board game: including the expansion for the fifth player. The advantage of PC board games: you can compete against the AI ​​and it usually does really well.

Blood Rage can already be pre-ordered via Steam, then there is a discount and - as is now usual for pre-orders - some digital goodies: on the one hand the “Mythical Monsters” DLC with seven exclusive creatures and the soundtrack for the game. The digital board game is published by Asmodee Digital, who collaborated with the developer Exozet for the implementation.

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