This weekend, for the first time, console players will also be able to enter the Blood of Heroes arenas on PS4 and PS5. Vizor Games is offering a closed beta for the melee combat title, which focuses on legendary warriors, on the first weekend in April. For three days, PlayStation owners can haunt the arenas in the twilight of the afterlife and try out Blood of Heroes for themselves.

Players can register now to take part in the event here Register - but the free places are limited.

– Developer studio Vizor Games offers from April 1st to April 2nd the opportunity to take a look at the console version of Blood of Heroes for PS4 and PS5 for the first time in Europe. The Melee Combat title focuses on legendary warriors, heroes of the frontiers - blessed and doomed to fight in an eternal battle for glory and honor.

Blood of Heroes: Open Beta registrations open

To unleash the full potential of its heroes, Blood of Heroes features a deep and unique combat system designed to push players to their limits and beyond. In order to stand your ground against opponents, it is necessary to master the correct timing of attack and counterattack, to plan strategically and to exploit the mistakes of your enemies. The game offers a wide range of combat mechanics, from stamina to magical abilities. A special focus is on balancing - after all, it should be the skills of the individual that lead to victory.

Each of the heroes of Blood of Heroes is unique and equipped with individual weapons and abilities. There's a hero for every playstyle, whether you're charging into the fray in rage or helping out your teammates with sneaky tactics, magic, or brute force.

For three days, console owners can haunt the arenas in the twilight of the afterlife and try out Blood of Heroes for themselves. To give the newcomers a proper welcome, there are 300 bloodstones (in-game currency) for each one. This can be used to purchase multiple playable heroes and more weapons, as well as lots of other in-game content.

Those interested can contact also sign up for the open beta on PC. Vizor Games is working on releasing Blood of Heroes on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X as well.

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