Games Workshops Fantasy football board game goes into the second round: As coach of the Black Orcs or Imperials, players stand on the sidelines to lead their team to success. Blood Bowl Season 2 is now available for pre-order, which can be found directly from the Games Workshop online store. The game costs around 100 euros. 

Fans of the legendary fantasy football board game have waited a long time, now Blood Bowl Season 2 is in the pre-order phase. But that's not all: According to information in the in-house online store, Games Workshop will deliver, or at least send, by the end of this month. The new edition of Blood Bowl will be on the road on November 27th.

Blood Bowl - Season 2: New teams, new extras

Two complete teams are included in the box: The Black Orcs and the Imperial Nobility, both hot to finally be allowed to step on the lawn. It is up to the players to direct the teams from the sidelines and to encourage their team members to distribute the toughest hits possible. Fantasy football isn't a sport for the faint-hearted, it's brutal on the pitch.

Everything is included in the box so that players can bring Blood Bowl - Season 2 to the table as quickly as possible, provided that they cobble together the figures first. Each of the two teams consists of twelve team members, plus star players and referees. A double-sided game plan provides information about which team has the audience behind them.

With the second season some changes find their way into the fantasy football board game: Thus skill and throws are divided, so this time there are definitely players who are bad throwers. On the other hand, there are also team members who can throw good throws but are otherwise clumsy. It should also be noticeable that you can no longer be surrounded by players lying on the ground. There are detailed changes in the area of ​​skills, the makers have also lent a hand with the stat rules so that there is a little less need to work with tables.

Blood Bowl – Season 100 costs around 2 euros and includes a 136-page hardcover rule book. The game is available for pre-order now and will start shipping on November 27th. The German subtitle is "Second Season", the basic box and the rules are translated.

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