A press release from the Blood Bowl 3 development team announced that pre-orderers of the fantasy football video game can look forward to a closed beta. This should start at the beginning of 2021. The turn-based football strategy game, set in a Warhammer-inspired world, is aimed at video players as well as board players.

So far it was known for Blood Bowl 3 that there will be twelve different teams for the release. These should consist of Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegades, Dark Elves, Elven Union, Imperial Nobility, Menschen, Nurgle, Old World Alliance, Orks, Black Orcs, Skaven and Dwarves. Each of the teams has their own strategies, pitches and cheerleaders.

Blood Bowl 3 in 2021 with innovations and closed beta

In Blood Bowl 3, the customization options for teams and stadiums will also be expanded. So the players can customize the colors, logos, patterns and armor as well as some other cosmetic content according to their own wishes. In the best Blood Bowl fashion, the game rounds consist of passes, dodging and knocking down opposing team members.

Players of the epic fantasy football video game agree that there is no better strategy game of its kind on the games market. American football is combined with raw Warhammer violence and tabletop. As a coach, the players have to help their own team to a touchdown. In the meantime, players will gain experience, bonuses and new skills. But be careful, Blood Bowl is, as the name suggests, bloody and sometimes even fatal.

According to Nacon and Cyanide, Blood Bowl 3 is supposed to be even more fun, bloody and spectacular than ever before and, in addition to campaigns, also offer a multiplayer mode. An exact date has not yet been given for the start of the closed beta. However, this will be made up for soon, with additional details on the game content. So much is already clear, it should be the beginning of 2021. The closed beta is offered exclusively to pre-orderers.


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Blood Bowl 3 should be available on Steam in 2021 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X. The exact release date has not yet been determined at this point in time. We'll keep you updated as soon as there are new announcements.

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