Hearts of Iron IV receives another expansion that offers new paths and possibilities for some of the most important conflicts of the WWII era. In Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone, players will explore new alternate histories for Italy and Ethiopia, as well as one of the leading neutral powers, Switzerland.

This expansion to Paradox Interactive's WWII grand strategy wargame continues the tradition of providing players with a variety of new stories and opportunities, allowing a new history of war to be written in every session.

Expansion Coming "Later This Year"

This expansion for Hearts of Iron IV will be available later this year. It will be accompanied by a major free update for all Hearts of Iron IV players.

Included are numerous new features, including new focus trees.

  • New Italian Focus Tree: Players can follow the historical path of Mussolini's Italy or rewrite history by restoring the power of the monarchy, leading a communist revolution or promoting democracy.
  • New Ethiopian Focus Tree: Players will brave the odds and defeat the Italian conqueror or resist the invader using the unique abilities of a government-in-exile.
  • New focus tree Switzerland: Surrounded by France, Germany and Italy, the mountain nation of Switzerland finds its strength in its neutrality, balancing between competing factions and offers from the great powers.

There are also new options for peace conferences. Players demilitarize individual zones or entire nations. They bid on the capital ships of defeated powers or claim control of enemy resources or factories as reparations.

Get creative with the Plane Designer, where players design and build their own planes. From agile interceptors that prioritize speed to resilient bombers that drop tons of destruction from great heights.

A log of each department's performance allows players to track their performance and even award medals to those who did particularly well. With a new diplomatic interaction, players can now embargo their enemies, preventing them from trading with them if the opponents have generated enough world tension.

More than 20 new unit models for the Italian, Ethiopian and Swiss armies. 67 new aircraft models. There will also be two new music tracks.

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