In Staxel, which will be released for Nintendo Switch on September 23, gamers can expect freely accessible farm and village life. They build their farm from a first-person perspective, expand their village, invite their friends over and experience wilderness adventures. Staxel is available as a launch offer until September 29 for 14,99 euros in the Nintendo eShop, the normal price is 19,99 euros.

Staxel for Nintendo Switch isn't a simple port - the Switch version has been carefully optimized for maximum performance and integration with the device's key features. Staxel was first released on PC in 2018 and has since received a number of content updates, all of which are part of the Nintendo Switch edition.

Village life in blocks

Main developer and Plukit owner Bart van der Werf: “We have some big Switch fans here in the studio, so we went to great lengths to develop the best possible version of Staxel for the Nintendo Switch. It has everything that the PC version has, with carefully optimized and adapted controls so that players can easily lose themselves in their own farming fantasy world! "

Everything can be adjusted in Staxel: the players build everything block by block - be it their own farmhouse or a redesign of the village shop according to their taste. You will explore the world from an ego perspective and experience country life up close. It doesn't matter whether the players * want to have a cozy, overgrown house or their own magic tower, they can build it themselves according to their ideas.

When new shops and houses are built, NPCs move in - there are a number of quirky characters to meet. Regardless of whether you want to build a castle for each villager to live in or simply want to make the village a bit more modern: Everything is possible, and there is a huge selection of decorative building blocks to discover.

Outside the village there is a whole world to explore, with waters for fishing, insects for hunting, and other worlds to explore. If the players build a museum, they can display their finds there. All sorts of intense festivities take place over the course of the year, where you can meet mysterious travelers, enjoy unusual decorations and maybe find a few cool items for your own farm and construction projects.


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