Fans of Blizzard's in-house online exhibition BlizzConline, which will debut a pure streaming event for the first time on February 19 and 20, can expect nothing less than tangible news about previously unreleased games. And indeed, the Californians could come up with one or the other surprise, because the BlizzConline trailer promises “epic announcements”.

Fans had to do without the Blizzcon due to the global corona pandemic, but Blizzard wouldn't be Blizzard if the Californians hadn't found an alternative. With BlizzConline, a purely streaming trade fair will take place for the first time in around two weeks. This is unusual for fans in this country, after all, they had previously mostly participated in the Blizzcon via the Internet. Nevertheless: Blizzard has to do a lot to create an entertaining format that does without thousands of fans on site to create a good atmosphere in the convention center.

BlizzConline is going to be epic - at least!

The content won't change much at BlizzConline either: There will be Q&A panels, interviews, cosplay contests and real news - no, even better: “Epic Announcements”. At least that is what the trailer that Blizzard has now published for its online in-house exhibition promises.

And something else has probably hardly changed at the Blizzard convention, despite the fact that it went online: the high expectations of the fans. So far, you have a rather vague idea of ​​what Blizzard will present. It will be like this Overwatch 2 news give; Jeff Kaplan had only commented on this in December and presented the Kanezake map, among other things. Kaplan confirmed that fans for BlizzConline can hope for news about the second offshoot of the team shooter.


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Far more exciting, however, will be how things stand with the “Diablo” brand. Will Blizzard announce a release date for Diablo 4? This is entirely possible, but you shouldn't be disappointed if Blizzard doesn't give a date. So far, the Spieleschmiede has kept a low profile when it comes to the timing of the publication. Blizzard only provides regular updates on the game mechanics and the world in its quarterly news Diablo 4. It is more likely that the developers will show new gameplay material and for the time being will not mention a release date for Diablo 4, presumably also in view of the continuing rampant corona pandemic, which is throwing up plans in many ways.

Also on the agenda could at least be an announcement of the Diablo 2 remakes stand. As of now, it's not even confirmed that Blizzard is working on it, despite rumors about it. With the purchase of the developers of Vicarious Visions (including Tony Hawk), the reports about a new edition of the Diablo classic that many fans consider to be the best of the series have recently increased. So at least one announcement of the project is possible - maybe more?

Another topic for BlizzConline 2021 is likely to be Diablo Immortal. The development of the mobile offshoot from the Diablo series is progressing steadily - and, according to some critics, has proven to be more entertaining than initially assumed. Announcements about Diablo Immortal are possible on several levels: Blizzard could inform about an expansion of the test phase, show new gameplay, announce the entry into a beta phase or even name a release date.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands must also be reserved for BlizzConline. The announcement of the next big patch seems long overdue.

Fans can take part in BlizzConline for free and watch the online exhibition at home without a ticket. If you want, you can still purchase packages from the anniversary collection, which are available until September 15, 2021: There are three variants, each with different goodies.

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