Blizzard Entertainment recently announced the names of the servers that will be available for the World of Warcraft Classic release. Two realms will also be available for German players - but there is no German RP server at the start.   

The number, names and types of Classic servers have been determined. A few days ago, Blizzard Entertainment published the official list of realms available for launch. The German community in particular can breathe a sigh of relief: With the release of World of Warcraft Classic, two German-language servers will be available - only RP fans will continue to look into the tube. 

Only PvP and PvE: German Classic RP Realm remains a wish for the time being

Six English-speaking realms and two each in French, German, and Russian will (hopefully) go live in time for the release of the Classic version of World of Warcraft. While English-speaking fans can fall back on two RP servers, this wish is denied to players who speak other languages, at least for the time being. German players farm gold dust, candles and wolf flanks on the PvP server "Lucifron" and the normal classic server "Everlook". 

Waiting for the start: it starts on August 27th at midnight.

Waiting for the Classic server to start: It all starts on August 27th at midnight.

The normal server is expected to be comparatively relaxed: players who want to fight other human opponents must actively choose to do so and put their character in PvP mode. The focus of Everlook is clearly on the story experience - players can complete quests at their leisure and enjoy the classic backstory.

Things are getting rougher on the "Lucifron" PvP server - in all likelihood even rougher than in "real" Classic times. On "Lucifron" will be found all those players who want to experience an adrenaline rush in the open world on a regular basis. The danger of being attacked by other players is ever present. The PvP mode of the characters is activated in almost all areas, especially in the shared quest areas there will be frequent long-lasting clashes between the Alliance and the Horde. 

Even if there is a great danger on the PvP realm of being harassed by a "ganker" for several hours - and prevented from questing - the open battle between Horde and Alliance in Classic times probably offers the gaming experience that fits the story.

We want to know: which server are you playing on?

There is not much time left until WoW: Classic starts. The decision for or against a server has to be made relatively quickly, also because Blizzard will allow active subscribers to secure a character name early on August 12th from midnight.

Players can then log into the realm of their choice and create up to three characters with whom they want to make the original worlds from WoW: Classic unsafe. In contrast to the normal version, players in WoW: Classic can only own ten characters per server and 50 in total - so choose wisely.

We now want to know:
On which server will you start the long-awaited Classic world: Lucrifon, Everlook or anywhere else? Vote and tell us in the comments which server you want to play on and why!

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