The closed beta for Bleeding Edge for Xbox One and Windows PC begins on Friday evening at 18 p.m. In principle, anyone can participate, provided they have subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. The competitive multiplayer title can then be tried out for a full three and a half days. The closed beta for Bleeding Edge ends on Monday morning at 9 a.m. Then you have to wait for the second beta in mid-March and then for the release on March 24th.

Exciting fights, 4 vs. 4, are promised by Ninja Theory with Bleeding Edge, which starts in a multi-day closed beta on Friday. Each player chooses his fighter for the team fight from different characters. As part of the beta, players can get their hands on Bleeding Edge. Participation in the closed beta is easy, but not free: As a member of the Xbox Game Pass, players automatically have access to the Bleeding Edge Closed Beta, Microsoft announces - as do all pre-orders.

Crazy characters and plenty of damage

Those who have secured access can download and install the Bleeding Edge Clsed Beta Client through the Xbox app on PC or through the Xbox Game Pass section of the console. Those who take part in the beta phase can secure some goodies. In addition to access to the betas, the "Punk Pack" contains a hoverboard and a sticker pack, among other things. 

Ninja Theory has some innovations ready for the closed beta. Battles become even more tactical thanks to a new parrying mechanism. This advanced combat maneuver allows players to break through enemy combos and unleash counterattacks for more damage. There are also tons of new style items, including new emotes for the different characters and a whole load of new hoverboards, wraps, stickers and tows.

There will probably be a lot to see from Bleeding Edge. Microsoft expressly supports gameplay streaming; screenshots and videos can also be shared. 

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By the way, anyone who has already taken part in the Bleeding Edge Technical Alpha also gets access to the closed beta: “Use the Xbox Live account with which you took part in the Technical Alpha via Windows 10 or Xbox One and install the Bleeding Edge Closed Beta,” says Microsoft. "As a tester of the Technical Alpha on Steam, you will receive a closed beta key via email."

Bleeding Edge is coming to Xbox One and Windows PC on March 24th. Another closed beta is planned for the weekend around March 13th. 

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