Swedish publisher Fria Ligan (Free League) will be crowdfunding the pen-and-paper version of Blade Runner on Kickstarter in May. The tabletop role-playing game is based on the world of the eighties classic film. 

Blade Runner is considered a masterpiece, a milestone and one of the best science fiction films of all time. The world of the classic starring Harrison Ford serves as the basis for a pen & paper role-playing game by the Swedish publisher Fria Ligan. The title is being crowdfunded via Kickstarter and is scheduled to launch in May.

Blade Runner: RPG between two films

Back in September, Free League had that Pen & Paper RPG based on Blade Runner announced. It will be set in an alternate world in 2027, set between the classic 1982 film and the sequel Blade Runner 2049 with its enhanced Nexus 9 replica.

The tabletop role-playing game lets players choose whether they prefer to pass the time as a human or a replicant. Ultimately, however, all play on the side of the "Blade Runners", a unit of the LAPD for finding insurgent replicants. Exciting: The players will not necessarily be tied to their roles, so they can show mercy or criticize their task.

So that it doesn't become too monotonous in the Pen & Paper role-playing game for Blade Runner, players will also be able to fulfill tasks apart from the replicant search. It's all about experiencing an RPG adventure in the world of Blade Runner, including the socio-critical undertones from the templates, such as intrigue or moral conflicts.

The Pen & Paper is based on the Year Zero game system, which was also used in the role-playing game based on the Alien film. The publisher Free League had recently released several new tabletop role-playing games, including the named Alien RPG as well as Tales from the Loop and Mörk Borg.

As is usual with swarm financing, the pen & paper game is only produced if the desired goal is also achieved. For the new campaign, it can be assumed that the project already has 3.524 subscribers on the platform. Overall, Free League has been extremely successful with its role-playing game funding campaigns - many of which achieve their goal within minutes. Some are also record-breaking for support: The Lord of the Rings RPG - The OneRing – achieved a gigantic sum for a pen & paper game, for example.

The crowdfunding campaign Kickstarter for the Blade Runner RPG launches May 3rd.

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