Publisher Fria Ligan (Free League) has launched its crowdfunding campaign for the pen and paper version of Blade Runner on Kickstarter. With great success right from the start: the financing goal was reached within three minutes. In the meantime, fans have pumped more than half a million euros into the project.

The Blade Runner pen and paper role-playing game is already chasing records shortly after its launch on Kickstarter. Almost 500.000 fans raised well over 6.000 euros shortly after the starting gun to make the project a success at an early stage. The collection will now continue for about three weeks - one or the other record could be broken.

Neon Noir RPG with classic theme

Players should get their blasters ready because Free League Publishing's BLADE RUNNER: THE ROLEPLAYING GAME Kickstarter campaign is fully funded.

Voted #1 Most Anticipated Roleplaying Game of the Year by EN World, the RPG campaign has launched and has surpassed its funding goal within minutes of launch - now significantly. The role-playing game is now about reaching as many stretch goals as possible, such as additional content for the basic set of rules and game accessories such as individual dice, cards and handouts for the starter set.

All backers will also receive a PDF version of CASE FILE 01: Electric Dreams - the first official cinematic module for the BLADE RUNNER RPG. An original, investigative twist on Free League's award-winning cinematic mode, Blade Runner Case Files is a love letter to classic mystery games like Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. It delivers full-length scenarios with pre-made characters and events.

There are also various bundles, each with different equipment. The Kickstarter campaign for Pen and Paper on Blade Runner runs until May 26th.


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