The Blade Runner pen and paper role-playing game is doing very well on Kickstarter. The publisher Fria Ligan (Free League) has already been able to motivate over 10.000 fans to participate with the crowdfunding campaign. This is also having a positive impact in monetary terms: more than one million euros have already been collected in this way.

It seems Free League did everything right with the Blade Runner crowdfunding campaign. The idea of ​​turning the classic film into a pen and paper role-playing game, in which fans can slip into the roles of blade runners themselves, has been more than well received. The Kickstarter project is already around 11.000 percent above its targeted financing target of just around 9.600 euros.

Role-playing game based on the film

Over a million euros from more than 10.000 fans - that's the record of Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game so far. The whole thing looks even more impressive in Swedish crowns: then it's over ten million. And: There is still plenty of time for the Fria Ligan publishers to increase the sums further - or to encourage even more fans to support the campaign. Funding is still open for three weeks.

Players have to pay at least 29 euros, but the works for the Blade Runner pen-and-paper game are then available purely digitally as PDF files. If you want to hold a printed book in your hands, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. For die-hard fans of the template, Fria Ligan even has a deluxe version ready, which costs a whopping 126 euros - but there is a pretty hologram print on the cover, among other things.

No matter which version you support, you will be able to start playing well before the official release. After the end of the Kickstarter campaign, Friria Ligan will make the PDF files for the rules and the starter set available to every backer as "Early Access". The game is not necessarily final, but according to the publisher it is already largely complete.

The fans have already unlocked plenty of stretch goals with the millions they have raised together, but some are still open.

The Kickstarter campaign for Pen and Paper on Blade Runner runs until May 26th. The pen and paper role-playing game for Blade Runner is then expected to be released in November 2022, i.e. before the end of this year.


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