With the independent expansion Tide of the Dragon, Adam and Brady Sadler and Blacklist Games bring new content to the miniature board game Street Masters on the market. The add-on, which is crowdfunded via the Indiegogo platform, includes more map tiles and new enemies, but also new stories. The campaign is scheduled to start on October 21.

Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon will feature 52 miniatures, including four new fighters, each with individual decks of cards. The expansion also includes tiles, two new enemy factions and a hodgepodge of cards, tokens and dice.

Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon relies on replayability

Via crowdfunding on Indiegogo Blacklist games finance the enlargement. As usual, there should be price advantages for supporters, and an exclusive Rumble Pack with promo cards and new content will be available; likewise the “New Challengers Pack” with six new fighters and their individual decks. And if you are thinking about getting started with Street Masters, the campaign gives you the chance to secure all previously published content, including the base game.

Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon is a standalone expansion. Image: Blacklist Games

Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon is a standalone expansion. Image: Blacklist Games

Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon relies on Adam and Brady Sadler's modular deck system, which focuses on building up the game quickly while at the same time allowing for varied games. With the card-driven gameplay, fans can mix and match ready-made decks to create their own gaming experiences. This increases the replayability of Street Masters. The gameplay focuses on martial arts battles in different environments.

Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon is aimed at up to four players, but also includes a solo mode. The cooperative miniature board game lets fans climb into the arenas against different types of opponents as well as more powerful bosses.

In terms of presentation and topic, Street Masters is based on classic Hong Kong action and corresponding martial arts films as well as beat'em up video games and arcade games. The board game is similarly oriented Contrabased on the classic video game of the same name.

Street Masters: Tide of the Dragon is designed as a stand-alone expansion, so fans can find everything they need to play in the box. At the same time, the content can be combined with the material previously published. Street Masters made its debut in 2017, and since then Blacklist Games has launched several expansions: Twin Tiger, Aftershock, Legend of Oni, Essence of Evil, and Redemption I and II.



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