Biomutant is THQ Nordics new action RPG, in which the focus is primarily on customization options. For a long time it was quiet about the open-world game, development progressed, albeit with a slight delay - now THQ is back with an action-packed trailer that, among other things, sheds light on the game's struggles.

The new gameplay trailer for Biomutant is almost ten minutes long. The focus is particularly on the fights, but some optical adjustments can also be seen. Exciting: Biomutant is visually much more mature than in previously published videos. The intense comic look seems to have been toned down a bit.

Biomutant: Release date still uncertain

Biomutant is “special”. Animals fighting kung fu are not entirely new in video games either, but overall the basic setting of the post-apocalyptic open world game can be described as innovative and wacky.

At Biomutant everything seems to be geared towards fun. At least that's what the new, around ten-minute long trailer suggests:


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With the action-packed video, Biomutant presents itself as lively as never before. Numerous gameplay scenes show what the developers of Experiment 101 focus on: fun.

This becomes clear not only in the game world itself, but also in the varied combat options, which allow a flying change between close and long-range combat attacks. A “flow” seems to have been understood as an essential factor in the gameplay idea. The only difference is that players in Biomutant do not fight against crawling animals, even huge opponents stand in the player's way. Linked to this is the development of a strategy to send the giants onto the boards. Instead of being a bully, there will be a requirement for evasive maneuvers.

When Biomutant will appear is still uncertain, because THQ Nordic did not reveal a release date in the new gameplay trailer either. The open world game is in the final development phase, at least that was the last sign of life before the release of the action-packed video. Biomutant will be released for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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