The action role-playing game Biomutant has a release date. As publisher THQ Nordic has now officially announced, the title will be released on May 25th. The game will be released for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, it is still not known whether Biomutant will be released for Nintendo Switch.

Biomutant was first announced in 2017 - and the post-apocalyptic Kung Fu action RPG should have appeared last year. Nothing came of it, now the release will be rescheduled and very soon. Biomutant will be available for PC as well as the Playstation 25 and Xbox One consoles on May 4th. It remains unclear whether a version for Nintendo Switch will be released and, if so, when it should be.

Biomutant: Open-World-Action-Brawling

The player has to unite different tribes in order to save the world from collapse. That sounds rather classic and it is - but you do it in the footsteps of a raccoon-like creature. And Biomutant combines other elements into an exciting, clever mix of genres: The developers use a mixture of long-range and close-range combat in a third-person view for the gameplay. By means of mutations, players can adapt their style, but also the look of the character.

In the course of the game you gain access to new powers, such as telekinesis. In combination with a weapon and equipment system, players can give their raccoon hero a personal touch. One- and two-handed weapons, rifles and shotguns, but also chainsaw upgrades or bionic wings, should be available.

THQ Nordic has not published many details about Biomutant, which is being developed on the basis of the Unreal 4 engine: It is currently known that the game will be released for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 - on May 25th. A version for Nintendo Switch is not mentioned. So whether this will appear later - or not at all - is not yet known.

Even if the current version of Biomutant is aimed at the last-gen consoles, the game can be played on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. However, it is not clear whether Biomutant will also appear as a native current-gen version for the new power consoles.

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