The sandbox board game Star Wars: Outer Rim could get an expansion. At least that's what a video interview Team Covenant conducted with Asmodee North boss Steve Horvath. But that's not all: the other licensed games from the Star Wars universe will also receive new content. The plans could last until 2023 and bring long-term innovations to fans.

If you like board games that are based on the mighty Star Wars license, you can't avoid Fantasy Flight Games. The publisher holds the rights to popular miniatures, board and card games such as Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Rebellion, Star Wars: Armada, X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Wars: Legion, or most recently Star Wars: Outer Rim. Waves of expansions could now roll on players again until 2023.

Chewie, get the falcon ready to go

Star Wars board games are not without controversy and are also considered by fans to be the milk cow of Fantasy Flight Games. The publisher, which belongs to the Asmodee Group, brings out smaller and larger expansions for board, miniature and card games at regular, sometimes extremely short, intervals.

Older Star Wars titles have long since been crushed, including the Star Wars LCG, but also the card-cube hybrid Star Wars: Destiny, which recently completed its life cycle. By the way: Destiny was FFG's biggest release before Keyforge. In addition, the collecting game “went very, very well for a long time”, according to Horvath. Nevertheless, the game could no longer be kept, partly because the time and financial resources required to produce the dice contributed their part to the discontinuation of the game.

Star Wars - Outer Rim was not free from criticism - among other things, the lack of variety in the characters was negative. Photo: André Volkmann

The sandbox board game Star Wars - Outer Rim was not free from criticism - among other things, the lack of variety in the characters was noticed negatively. Photo: André Volkmann

Nevertheless: The quality of the Star Wars board games from FFG is overall at a high level. Star Wars: Rebellion is one of the best two-player games on the market and has become even more playful with the “Rise of the Empire” expansion.

For the tabletop Star Wars: Legion Fantasy Flight Games hits miniatures in panic mode. On the other hand, it was quiet after the release of the sandbox board game Star Wars: Outer Rim. The reviews were good overall, but there was no sign of life from the game for a long time. Whether it is even realistic that an extension could appear has been completely uncertain - until now. In a video interview with Team Covenant, Asmodee North President Stephen Horvath has now revealed “big plans” - for Star Wars board games as well as card games, including for Outer Rim.

In the next three years, i.e. until 2023, Fantasy Flight Games will bring new releases to Legion, X-Wing and Armada onto the market. And the Outer Rim also has a future, according to Horvath, who may be hinting at an expansion to the popular board game.

The move would be smart: Although Outer Rim was well received by fans overall, it was not free from criticism. Above all, the dwindling variety in the area of ​​mission and character cards was a thorn in the side of many, despite the pink fan glasses. This is exactly where FFG could improve Star Wars: Outer Rim and, provided the expansion reaches a level similar to that of Rebellion, significantly increase the playful concept and entertainment value.

More Star Wars titles in the works

Even if a few Star Wars board games have received massive support with additional content: overall, the license seems to have received a little little attention in the past. Confronted with this, Stephen Horvath states that they are aware of this and that they would be presenting some new products from next year: “There are more board games coming”, says Horvath. More board games are coming.

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Star Wars: Legion is also getting new features. This should make the tabletop a little more varied. Fans have particularly denounced the lack of diversity in the available factions and tactical possibilities of the ground skirmishes.

Series parts that were previously underrepresented, such as Force Awakens, are also being added to the FFG portfolio. Content from Disney's The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be implemented for the X-Wing miniatures game in the coming year. The focus is also on the popular “Disney +” series, which will enter its second round this fall. One can do a little more than hope that somehow, too Baby yoda will find its way into one of the FFG games.

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