Groot and Rocket Raccoon are the two stars of the next big expansion to the superhero LCG Marvel Champions from Fantasy Flight Games. The publisher announced this. The new content therefore focuses on the Guardians of the Galaxy. The expansion Marvel: Champions: The Card Games - Galaxy's Most Wanted is scheduled for February 2021.

Known from the comics for Guardians of the Galaxy as well as from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the heroes Groot and Rocket Raccoon make it into the new big expansion of the living card game Marvek: Champions.

Raccoons and trees are the most wanted

Both officially become “Galaxy's Most Wanted”, the name of the new LCG expansion. From the beginning of 1, 4 to 2021 players will face the greatest villains in the galaxy, using the tree alien Groot or the armed raccoon Rocket Raccoon as playable heroes. The big expansion for Marvel: Champions will contain five new scenarios. Nothing changes in the cooperative gameplay.

There are also several new schemes that players are confronted with - including the collector and the Kree warlord Ronan.

Both Groot and Rocket Raccoon each use unique skills. This is how Groot, as a living tree alien, can ward off damage. To do this, growth tokens can be collected and then used in hero mode to reduce incoming damage amounts. His famous motto “I am Groot” should of course not be missing as a playful counterpart.

Rocket Raccoon relies on unbridled aggression - according to the model of its character. His style of play is built around the use of weapons. As a raccoon, he can draw additional cards through a tech upgrade; in hero form, on the other hand, he receives a card if it could inflict excessive damage on the opponent.

"The Galaxy's most Wanted" is a real expansion to Marvel: Champions. All cards are therefore compatible with the previously released content, so that all previous hero decks can be combined with the new expansion, including all hero packages.


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The game principle remains unchanged: Players choose one of their heroes and compete alone or in a team against a villain deck. They trigger actions with the help of ability cards, switching - depending on the strategy - between their alter ego and the hero form and trying to prevent the schema of the head villains and cause them damage.

The new extension to Marvel: Champions had introduced Fantasy Flight Games at the previous “in-flight” report. Other hero packs will also be released, including Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch. The expansion “The Galaxy's Most Wanted” is scheduled for February 2021 and costs around 40 US dollars. It is assumed that the expansion will also be localized by Asmodee: the basic game appears in the German version.

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