Sold out and Hyper Luminal Games released Big Crown: Showdown worldwide on January 10th for Nintendo Switch. The royal brawl with its fast real-time games is aimed at two to four players.

Royal knockout

So-called party brawlers have been a real hype since the release of Ubisoft's "Brawlhalla" or the hit "Super Smash Bros." Of course, other developers also want to jump on this train.

Sold Out and Hyper Luminal Games released the video game Big Crown: Showdown for Nintendo Switch on January 10th - and the title with it on all relevant gaming platforms. Like the versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch version also supports a local multiplayer mode as well as online multiplayer.

The at least as funny release trailer fits the release of the humorous party beating.

Even the royals can't seem to resist.

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