As always, Sony and Microsoft will be battling for the lion's share of console purchases when new consoles launch, and this year will be no different. With Sony reportedly targeting a November 2020 release date and Microsoft's "Project Scarlett" aiming to land around the same time, avid fans of the world's best-selling console brands are counting down the days and weeks.

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The race between Xbox Scarlet and the PS5

Surprisingly, the PS5 is the big favorite, surpassing Microsoft's Xbox Scarlett in the first month of its release. In its current form, if Sony wins this race, you can get odds of 1,29.

The Xbox Scarlett is being offered at 3,5 to outperform its future rival. These odds definitely look attractive as they will certainly be in the months leading up to the end of 2020 even more information and teasers are published. So wagering on Xbox Scarlett right now might be a good idea.

Who will win the battle between Playstation and Xbox? You can already bet on the odds now.

As with any leap into the next generation, many players are put off by the combination of the high price tag and the lack of games available. But given the response from some gamers to the Xbox One, it might prove difficult to convince them to bring it back to the fore.

Microsoft has learned from the mistakes they made in pricing some players and should have some high profile exclusives to entice buyers into a game with the Scarlett. We have yet to find out if that will be enough to win the war.the Schlussbemerkung

2020 should be an exciting year for console gamers, with a major war between Sony and Microsoft imminent. While both the Playstation 5 as well as the Xbox Scarlett will be formidable devices, it looks like the PS5 is likely to be more popular. If the rumors are true, the Xbox Scarlett could lose the race. Still, there is always room for surprises.