After Microsoft took over the game company Bethesda for 7,5 billion US dollars, the fearful question remains whether PlayStation users will go away empty-handed in the future. Now the Xbox boss Phil Spencer commented on it in an interview.

The fact that Microsoft swallowed the game company Bethesda shortly before the introduction of a new generation of consoles has resulted in a shift in power across the industry. Not least because PlayStation fans feared that future Bethesda titles could appear exclusively or at least exclusively for the Microsoft family.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes a statement

Xbox boss Phil Spencer was drawn to his statement. When asked if the $7,5 billion deal would pay off if games like The Elder Scrolls 6 were only used by Microsoft-owned platforms, he confidently agreed in an interview with Kotaku. Spencer mentioned "xCloud, PC, Game Pass and our own consoles" to highlight the diversity of our own portfolio. Nevertheless, he has made it clear that he considers the topic to be purely a mind game.

However, Spencer did not want to define himself in terms of the company's strategy. It seems to be a matter of case-by-case exclusivity decisions: headlines for multiple platforms could appear - which of course means direct rivals PlayStation.

But it's also conceivable that titles will only remain in the Xbox environment. Mixed forms are also conceivable, according to the Kotaku editors - for example, to offer a title that would be included in Xbox Game Pass on Sony's console at full price. What is certain is that Microsoft Fair Play proves that these exclusive options remain intact when it comes to games announced as PC and PS5 exclusives prior to the Bethesda deal. This applies, for example, to the shooter "Deathloop" and the action-adventure "Ghostwire Tokyo". All in all, however, the statements of Microsoft Ambassador Phil Spencer remain so at odds that PlayStation players are not sure whether their future favorite games from the Bethesda catalog ("Fallout", "The Elder Scrolls", "Doom") will also appear on PS5 will appear. It is exciting, for example, on behalf of "The Elder Scrolls 6" and the dark science fiction role-playing game "Starfield".

There is at least one announcement trailer for Starfield:

But if you look at another Microsoft studio purchase, attendees can hope: After acquiring the "Minecraft" brand from Mojang, the iconic game remained accessible to other platforms. When asked about Bethesda titles for the Nintendo Switch, Phil Spencer said he would prefer a "full Xbox ecosystem" like Game Pass or Xbox Live on the Switch rather than releasing individual titles. What is certain is that, like ps5, exclusive titles will be available for the Xbox Series X/S. Expected releases include a next-gen Halo epic, Infinite, a new Fable adventure, and an adaptation of Flight Simulator.

Whatever the issue of the exclusive titles, there was another signal from the interview. Especially for those worried that it will come in time for the next generation of consoles. "I think demand will exceed supply," said Phil Spencer. Availability would likely depend on external factors related to the Corona situation. However, the market share of Microsoft and Sony's consoles would depend significantly on manufacturing and supply chains. It would be the first time in the history of console warfare that not the hardware, the game portfolio or the brand affinity determines the race, but the virus.

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