The Metacritic rating platform serves as a point of contact to collect opinions from both critics and fans: every year there are games that are well received by almost all gamers and therefore receive high ratings. In the case of the Xbox, two games had a close race. 

The roguelike adventure game Hades by Supergiant was just able to prevail against its toughest competitor: Forza Horizon 5. Hades is the highest rated Xbox game of 2021.

A tiny difference

On Metacritic, Hades has a score of 93 on Xbox Series X | S, followed by Forza Horizon 92 with 5 points. However, this is not particularly surprising in view of the excellent reviews: Games portals worldwide and fans praise Hades in the highest tones - the terrific Metacritic Score reflects this.

In Hades, players slip into the role of Zagreus, Hades son. He is supposed to escape the underworld, which is rearranged again and again after his temporary death. Every run is different, not just visually. Thanks to customizable skills and weapons, Hades is an ever-changing challenge. The roguelike adventure was both qualitatively and commercially a success for Supergiant, who previously launched Pyre, a similarly ambitious game based on a procedural system.

Hades has won several awards over the past two years, including the DICE Awards for Game of the Year and the Game Awards for Best Indie Game and Best Action Game.

Overall, things went pretty well for the Xbox titles: Mit Psychonauts 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator, there are two other overall highly rated games. Tim Schafer's follow-up game is particularly appreciated because the title came away empty-handed at the Game Awards. After all, a similarly terrific video game had received “The Game Award of the Year” there: Electronic Arts 'and Hazelight Studios' charming action-adventure game It Takes Two.

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