Asmodee, a leading global publisher and distributor of board games, announces the launch of Unbox Now in Germany. This seal of approval is intended to help friends and families find the "perfect board game". It's about a selection of the "best modern board games" to discover the increasingly popular hobby with ease. At the same time, the publisher is launching a marketing campaign for the seal and games.

The Seal of Approval recognizes a selection of Asmodee's best-selling and easily accessible board games to help friends and family find the right board game to play together. Unbox Now bundles eleven of the best Asmodee games in Germany. The games under the seal have received more than 140 international awards and are among the best-known titles in the board game sector.

Playing board games: Rules matter

Asmodee's signature Unbox Now label will be rolled out globally in both physical and digital retail with new branding, websites, dedicated social media channels, in-store displays and more. All of these actions make Unbox Now games an attraction for retailers and consumers - creating tremendous cross-selling opportunities and bringing together Asmodee's best-selling products under one easily identifiable brand.

Thousands of products on the market ultimately result in a veritable jungle for consumers that they cannot see through. The sheer number of new products in the field of board games can be overwhelming. Beginners in particular hardly know which game is right for them. “With Unbox Now, that question is easy to answer,” says Asmodee: “You know that an Unbox Now board game is the best in the business, easy to learn and play, and fun for all ages “.

More than 214 million gamers around the world are already enjoying games that are now part of the Unbox Now selection. Asmodee brings them together under one brand to make product discovery easier than ever for consumers. At the same time, the company plans to offer retailers cross-selling opportunities through a high-reach marketing campaign supported by in-store visibility.

In an extensive study, Asmodee found that 54 percent of gamers say learning and explaining rules has an impact on how often they play board games. The Unbox Now Seal of Approval is designed to give players peace of mind that whatever game they buy from the range, it's easy to learn and has everything they need to get started quickly. When you buy an Unbox Now game, you can rest assured that you'll be playing your first game in minutes. To make things even easier for new players, the Unbox Now website will feature guides and tutorials on how to play the brand's board games.

Unbox Now will also introduce a loyalty program that will reward players with additional free content and online features such as guides, infographics and rulebooks. In addition, future Unbox Now games are planned to include free access to Board Game Arena, the world's leading platform for playing board games on the internet. Once the brand is established, each game will come with a six-month BGA membership for that game, or if the game isn't already available on BGA, a one-month premium membership for all content on the online platform.

Unbox Now games in Germany include the following from Asmodee's bestsellers:

  • Pandemic
  • step by step
  • Step by step Europe
  • 7 Wonders
  • 7 Wonders Duel
  • Carcassonne
  •  Splendor
  • Dixit
  • Azul
  • Bezzerwizzer
  • Concept


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