Yaza Games and Daedalic Entertainment have won two of the Gamescom Awards with the turn-based strategy game Inkulinati, in which medieval manuscripts come to life: Best Indie Game and Most Original Game.

In Inkulinati, players will encounter mythical beasts, demi-humans, and flatulent donkeys that will lead them into battle on 2D parchment battlefields. In battles against rival Inculinati, they collect new creatures for their bestiary, devise new strategies, and cross feathers with medieval stars like Dante Alighieri and Death himself.

Prestigious indie awards

The playful style, eccentric humor and historical inspiration won the hearts of attendees at the Indie Arena Booth and trade visitors at Gamescom, earning Yaza Games and Daedalic two prestigious awards.

Mythological creatures, mixed creatures of human and animal and strange drawings - yes, the Middle Ages were full of fantasy and inculinati as well. The trailer fresh from the Scriptorium presents the stylish reinterpretation of medieval manuscripts in the form of a turn-based strategy game in which a rabbit's butt is more dangerous than a dog's sword.

Players become powerful Inculinati wielding the power of living ink: their illustrations come to life within the manuscript. On the 2D parchment battlefields, the inky creatures follow the commands of their creators and fight beings controlled by other inculinati. To stand up to their rivals, the Quill-wielding Ones collect new Living Ink and experiment with their bestiary to create new strategic options for their next duel. As the game progresses, additional magical minions will be unlocked, such as man-eating snails or strange abilities like sinking trumpets into your opponent's buttocks.

The calligraphers must direct their teams with foresight and cunning to defeat opponents - including medieval superstars like Death himself or Dante Alighieri. As Inculinati, players can also personally attack into battle, but be careful: the opponents have the same ability. Thanks to special skills, they can crush enemy troops with their bare fists, draw obstacles or move fighters across the battlefield with a snap of their fingers. A single action can change the entire course of a battle.

The Inculinati can lead their troops to rescue their master in the challenging single player campaign, or challenge other Inculinati in local multiplayer in good old hot seat mode. The game has elaborate maps that influence the duels, support different play styles (e.g. aggressive or calculating) and enchant with their unique art style and very special black humor.

Inkulinati will be available this winter in Early Access for PC (Windows and Mac) and in Xbox Game Preview for Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X. The title will appear on additional platforms for the release of the full version.


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