From February 7th to 17th, the 69th Berlin International Film Festival will make the capital of the Federal Republic the center of the film world. Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) reports live from the festival on the radio, on television and online, presents the most important films, portrays the stars and enriches the Berlinale program with seven cinema productions.

The Berlinale 2019 on TV

This year, Franziska Hessberger and Marwa Eldessouky will alternately greet the rbb viewers in the “Berlinale Studio” live from the Berlinale Palast on Potsdamer Platz. The two moderators talk to the stars and creatives of the festival, plus there are the most important and entertaining things about the films and people at the Berlinale. 
3sat takes over the “Berlinale-Studio” produced by the rbb.

Broadcast dates: 7.2. / 8.2. /11.2./12.2/14.2./15.2. at 22.00:XNUMX p.m.

Rbb television broadcasts exclusively daily from February 7th to February 17th after midnight the “Berlinale press conferences” of the day with directors and their stars, moderated by Knut Elstermann.

From February 7, the rbb magazine “zibb” will be reporting live from the film festival, Monday to Friday from 18.30 p.m. Everything important about the Berlinale, the current films and events, the Berlin-Brandenburg cinema region and the stories of visitors and stars are the subject of “zibb” and the “zibb” messenger - as usual with star interviews by Britta Elm from the Festival palace. On Friday, February 8th, “zibb” will broadcast live from the Berlinale Palast for 30 minutes - with presenter Madeleine Wehle, current guests and Petra Gute on the red carpet.

The rbb “Abendschau”, the daily news magazine of the capital, reports live and in depth from the film festival during the Berlinale - and of course also has all the other important Berlin news. Petra Gute and Arndt Breitfeld take the audience with them on the red carpet, very close to the stars and filmmakers and right in the middle of the festival. The evening show also shows which films, events and premieres are particularly exciting for Berliners. And when the coveted bears are awarded on Saturday, February 16, the “Abendschau” broadcasts completely from the Berlinale Palast. With the new “Abendschau” moderator Volker Wieprecht, the audience first learns who won which bear - and what other important things were going on before and during the bear hunt.

The rbb “Abendshow”, the live show from and for Berlin, reports live from the red carpet on the opening night of the Berlinale - which is, however, empty because the stars cavort in the Berlinale Palast at this time. The evening show also organizes the Berlinale for real Berliners: the viewers' cell phone videos make it big. The most beautiful and bizarre videos go into the race for the “golden evening show ass monkey”.

This year, too, rbb television is presenting Berlinale highlights from earlier festival years in a film series. MIT SIEBZEHN will open the “Berlinale 7” series on February 00.00th at midnight. More information about the films below.

In the first, the rbb broadcasts a special edition of the ARD culture magazine “ttt”. The report “ttt extra - The Berlinale” with Max Moor shows the highlights and trends of the festival in the night from Wednesday, February 13th on Thursday at 00.15:14 am (repeated on the night of February 15th to 01.00th at XNUMX:XNUMX am ). 

The Berlinale 2019 on the radio

As Berlinale Radio, Radioeins from rbb is accompanying the Berlin International Film Festival 2019 for the 22nd time with daily reports, reviews and live broadcasts. From February 7th, Radioeins will broadcast the “Berlinale Talk” on two days (7th and 8.2th February) - from the Radioeins bus directly from the location of the event at the Berlinale Palast. It will be moderated by Knut Elstermann (7.2.) And Gesa Ufer (8.2.). From 11.2. until 15.2. Volker Wieprecht broadcasts live daily (10.00 a.m. to 13.00 p.m.) from the Radioeins bus - reports, studio guests and film reviews.

From February 8th, Knut Elstermann welcomes prominent guests in the “Berlinale Nighttalk” from 21.00:23.00 pm to 1:XNUMX pm live in the “RadioeinsxXLounge” on the XNUMXst floor of the CinemaxX at Potsdamer Platz. Well-known guest critics are also expected there again, including Fritzi Haberlandt, Christiane Paul, Olli Schulz and Trystan Pütter. Admission is free, film fans are very welcome.

Radioeins will broadcast the program live on the radio. The final broadcast with the bear winners on February 16.2 will also be broadcast live via video stream on the Internet from 21.00:23.00 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

The multimedia Radioeins reporters Julia Vismann, Katja Weber and Gesa Ufer report on the highlights of the Berlinale. Reports and photos as well as videos of the interviews with prominent guests from the Nighttalk can be seen at On its website, Radioeins will also be giving away exclusive Berlinale tickets in a bear quiz every day from February 7th to 15th.

In 2019, visitors to the panorama films will again have a choice and vote as the largest audience jury at the Berlinale on the best feature film and the best documentary film in the panorama. For the 21st time, Radioeins, in cooperation with the Panorama section of the Berlinale, is awarding the “Panorama Audience Prize”, also this year together with rbb television. Voting cards are available at all Panorama cinemas. The winners will be announced on 
On February 17th, the public day of the Berlinale, the award ceremony was held and the winning films were shown again afterwards.

The last Berlinale of the Kosslick era. In a conversation with the long-time Berlinale boss before the festival starts, Inforadio takes stock of the first “Berlinale-Vis à Vis” on January 29th at 10.45:XNUMX am.

 “Inforadio Reporter” reviews Dieter Kosslick's festival years, 18 years in nine minutes, on February 4th at 9.25 am. Farewell mood also with the longtime presenter of the Berlinale Galas Anke Engelke? Inforadio asks to be heard on the opening day, February 7th, at 10.45:XNUMX am.

 “Great cinema” on the radio - every morning at 6.25 am and 8.25 am Inforadio presents the Berlinale star of the day in an interview with film expert Alexander Soyez. In the mornings, culture editor Reiner Veit gives his personal “film tips” away from the big premieres, while reporters around Potsdamer Platz look for stories behind the scenes - to be heard every lunchtime in the “Berlinale Talk” and every afternoon at 15.55:17.55 p.m. and XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. in the "Berlinale report." At the same time, three Inforadio film critics are watching the entire competition - their assessments are included in the program immediately after the premiere and can be read at any time at

In the evening at 18.25 p.m. Inforadio broadcasts a seven-minute summary of the day of the festival in the “Berlinale Special”. In addition, the Inforadio cinema program “Abgedgangs” reports on the background of the festival (Thursdays at 19.44pm and 21.44pm and Saturdays at 11.24pm and 20.24pm) and reviews the competition in a final round of critics on Saturday, February 16 happen. And what's next for the Berlinale? Inforadio asks the audience and experts about their wishes and hopes.

The rbb's cultural radio broadcasts reviews of the competition films from the previous evening at 7.45 a.m. From 17.10 p.m. to 17.30 p.m. there will be reports, reports, interviews and reviews from the film festival.

On Monday, February 11.2th, on the talk show “Blue Moon”, Fritz will focus on the Berlinale from 22.00pm to midnight: Fritz presenter Selin Güngör and Filmfritzin Anna Wollner invite Berlinale newcomers to “Fräulein Fritz” - the Fritz Studio in Kreuzberg. Fritz listeners can call and discuss the topics of the Berlinale with the experts.

rbb 88.8 reports daily and up-to-date on the Berlinale. In “Guten Morgen Berlin” there are reports from the premieres and parties from the previous evening from the new presenter Tim Koschwitz. The reporters Frauke Gust and Silke Mehring report in the daily program of rbb 88.8 with the OB van from the red carpet and about the films in the competition. 

The state wave for the state of Brandenburg takes a special look at Brandenburg at the Berlinale. This includes films in the Berlinale program that were shot or significantly edited in Brandenburg, such as productions by the Babelsberg studio and by graduates of the KONRAD WOLF film university in Potsdam. The program “Antenne Brandenburg - Szene” on February 2019th, 7.2th is about the Berlinale 12.2. and 14.2. from 21.00 p.m. on Antenne Brandenburg.

The Berlinale 2019 on the Internet

Which stars come to the festival? What are the highlights of this year's Berlinale? Who are the favorites in the race for the Golden and Silver Bears? What's the mood like and what's going on behind the scenes? And how do you get the coveted tickets? rbb | 24 offers an overview of current events at the Berlinale at, in the rbb | 24 app, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The film critics from rbb | 24 review all films in the competition. The Critics' Mirror shows at a glance how the films performed with the rbb's cinema experts and who, in their opinion, has a chance of winning the Golden and Silver Bears. There are also portraits and interviews, interesting facts about film production in the region, highlights from all sections and insider tips from rbb | 24 film critics. Videos and picture galleries illuminate the festival days in all facets.

In the Berlinale live blog at the beginning and end of the Berlinale, on Facebook and Twitter, reporters report on the stars, films and curious events on the fringes of the festival. At the opening and the grand prize gala, rbb | 24 will share live impressions from the red carpet with users via Facebook.

For the first time, rbb | 24 is setting a special focus in the area of ​​social media in a cooperation with ARTE: Every day, reporters give unusual insights into festival life with Instagram stories. They observe stars and starlets, interact with the fans and use live videos and photos to make the atmosphere and cinematic diversity tangible.

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