Paradox Interactive and Abstraction today announced Below & Beyond, the first premium expansion for Surviving Mars since Green Planet was released in May 2019. Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond will be available on September 7th at a suggested retail price of 19,99 euros Steam, GOG, Epic, Humble, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One appear.

Below & Beyond improves colonies management by going below the surface and above the horizon to build underground bases, mine asteroids, and gather rare resources. Below & Beyond pushes the boundaries of what was previously possible on the Red Planet. Players expand their horizons with additional buildings, more resources, and a cavernous world full of secrets. Players can dig tunnels below the surface and build underground bases under the colony or in nearby caves. Daring players can attach rocket-propelled buildings to flying asteroids and mine exotic resources. But they have to make it back to the surface of the red planet before the asteroid leaves orbit and they lose their collected material and their colonists.

Soundtrack available on vinyl

Players expand their colony into caves and lava channels under the surface of the earth. Players can use existing structures or special underground buildings to create a base for exploration. Caution is advised when expanding, as potential collapses can destroy everything. Players can now go below the surface and beyond the red planet to mine resources. You can construct special rocket-propelled buildings to mine resources, including exotic minerals and data samples, on passing asteroids. But be careful: you shouldn't stay there too long, otherwise the asteroid will fly away with its material and equipment!

The reconnaissance and expansion research trees unlock additional buildings, vehicles, upgrades and locations. They also unlock asteroid mining and tunnel colonization.
“When we started planning for Surviving Mars, we really wanted to dive deep into the areas of the Red Planet that we hadn't yet explored. We knew we had to start at full steam, and Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond adds meaningful gameplay to the game, ”said Magnus Lysell, product manager for Surviving Mars at Paradox Interactive. "The possibilities are endless and we look forward to further exploring the Red Planet with our players."

The Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack will be released together with Below & Beyond. The package contains 16 songs by four different artists and a total of 70 minutes of chilled music. The Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack will be available for € 3,99 in the stores of Steam, GOG, PlayStation and Microsoft.

For fans of Surviving Mars there is the Surviving Mars OST Vinyl, which is available until September 7th can be pre-ordered. Surviving Mars is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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