Children know best what they really enjoy. Testing and evaluating board games without the influence of a warning finger from an adult jury is rare - but all the more important. One way for children to label their "favourite games" themselves is the children's games test of the Association of German Catholic Youth. At the same time, the BDKJ children's games test is one of those actions in the games industry that deserve more attention. Test groups can register now.

This is how the BDKJ children's game test works

No jury of professional parlor players, no matter how experienced, could judge a children's board game as accurately as children themselves. The idea behind the children's game test by the Association of German Catholic Youth is simple: children choose their favorite game of the year.

BDKJ children's game test: children test children's games

The promotion not only produces another award at the end, but brings children together through playful interactions that occur automatically during the judging process. Children get to know new games through the children's game test, strengthen their self-confidence through experienced social situations and become "real game experts". The intention behind the campaign is to get children – and their families – excited about board games. Every year, up to 2.000 children in 70 groups take part in the children's games test nationwide.

To realize the project, the BDKJ works with various cooperation partners, including game designers and publishers.

In principle, any interested playgroup can take part in the campaign: day-care centers, playgroups, schools or groups of children and young people. Registrations can be made via the official website of the Children's play tests is possible. 

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