One of the most promising first-person shooters of the year is coming up with The Finals! In the virtual combat game show, teams of three compete against each other in recreations of iconic locations. Thanks to fully destructible environments and high freedom of movement, there are almost no limits to the imagination of the players,

Now the development team consisting of Battlefield veterans around ex-DICE boss Patrick Söderlund has announced a first closed beta test. Interested players can now register via Steam and help shape further development with their feedback. The Finals is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S

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Embark Studios announces closed beta testing for The Finals

Do you have what it takes to reach The Finals? Starting March 7th, a two-week closed beta of the ultimate virtual combat game show will take place. Participants can expect a free shooter in which player freedom is a top priority. In a fully destructible, dynamic environment, teams compete in exciting matches to reach the finals.

The latest The Finals gameplay trailer gives a sneak peek into the beta. Players can log into Steam and get a chance to see how Embark aims to change the FPS genre forever.

“Many of us at Embark have been working on first-person shooters for more than two decades. But just when we thought we were done with the genre, we unlocked a holy grail among developers,” said Rob Runesson, executive producer of The Finals.

“Thanks to server-side destruction and movement, almost everything in The Finals can be demolished. We want to breathe new life into a genre that has become slightly monotonous. We can't wait to test The Finals with a large crowd of players to see if they agree with us. This allows us to further improve the pre-launch experience.”

The Finals is still in development, and beta participants can look forward to a number of improvements, changes, and additions based on their feedback. The game offers some experimental features - like server-side destruction and movement - and many of them need multiple testing and tweaking to optimize them.

Competitors compete in virtual replicas of two iconic locations: the skyscrapers towering over downtown Seoul and Old Monaco on the French Riviera coast. The beta also offers a training opportunity where competitors can test weapons, gadgets, movement, and most importantly, destruction. There is casual play as well as ranked tournaments and leaderboards where players outperform each other. During the two weeks, competitors unlock weapons, gadgets, a variety of cosmetic items and more.

For a chance to be among the first competitors in The Finals, players can opt-in to the upcoming PC Closed Beta via Steam and wishlist The Finals.

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