The developers at DICE have not had it easy these days: Battlefield 2042 scores well overall with critics, while the fans punish the shooter with negative ratings. The new part of the Battlefield series really didn't get off to a good start. But there is hope: with DICE, the game is in the right hands. The reason? The developers are experts when it comes to adding quality to a game with post-launch patches.

Battlefield 19 has been playable on PC and consoles since November 2042th - and since then there has been constant trouble with the new shooter. Fans criticize the concept, are dissatisfied with the technology and have made the title one of the most unpopular on Steam. Battlefield 2042 will still be played - and that's a good thing, because DICE will almost certainly pull the cart out of the mud.

Battlefield 2042: Review Bombing Victims

On Steam, Battlefield 2042 ranks among the most unpopular, but at the same time most played titles. The contrast is not unusual, as it is mostly the long-awaited games that seem to magnetically attract the anger of disappointed fans. On the day of release, only 21 percent of the players on Steam voted with a thumbs up - in the meantime, Battlefield 2042 has at least received a few more positive reviews. Overall, however, the mood continues to be determined by frustration and disappointment.

After all, Battlefield 2042 does a little better on Metacritic: The average score there is 73, some critics praise the title high, others see clear weaknesses. In particular, the technical condition of the shooter gives cause for criticism. The mood is partly heated, especially the long-time fans of the series, who do not go down well with the hoped-for restart of Battlefield, react emotionally.

DICE had planned nothing less than a small revolution for the shooter series: There were radical changes, especially in the class system. However, in the opinion of the fans, Battlefield 2042 has the biggest mistakes on the purely technical level: Bugs spoil the fun, glitches are at least uncomfortable - and the performance sometimes drops dramatically. Conceptually, too, the shooter is not well received by everyone: the maps are too big, the number of players too high, and then there are these strange weather effects that are nice to look at and rare, but somehow seem out of place in a tactical team shooter.

The fact that many players are still on the servers of Battlefield 2042 is on the one hand due to the pull that Battlefield has as an AAA title despite its quirks - on the other hand, many fans probably know that DICE is pretty good at playing games after they are released Polishing patches and updates. The hope is that the developers will get the technical problems under control in order to then face the gameplay problems - for example in the area of ​​balancing.

The developers recently achieved a coup with Star Wars: Battlefront 2. In the course of time, a shooter that was solid to good at the beginning has been turned into a tactical shooting game with great entertainment value. Fans are now hoping for the same for Battlefield 2042. That makes a lot of things right, with all the justified criticism. However, it is overlooked in view of the review bombing attacks.

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