Nvidia has partnered with EA and DICE to add PC-exclusive Nvidia enhancements to the upcoming blockbuster. Nvidia's technologies DLSS, Reflex and Raytracing can be seen in the new PC tech trailer for Battlefield 2042, which was recently released.

PC gamers get a Battlefield 2042 experience like no other as they enjoy higher levels of detail, unrestricted frame rates and gameplay enhanced by G-SYNC monitors, televisions and displays with variable frame rates on a PC.

Graphics technologies combined

Raytracing Ambient Occlusion (only available on PC) makes PC graphics the ultimate, and GeForce RTX PCs have dedicated RT cores that deliver excellent ray tracing performance. With Nvidia DLSS, performance is increased without sacrificing image quality. Nvidia Reflex optimizes system latency to ensure hit accuracy for maximum competitiveness.

"Thanks to ambient occlusion with ray tracing, Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex, only a GeForce RTX-based PC offers the ultimate Battlefield 2042 experience," says tech company Nvidia.

Early Access for Battlefield 2042 begins November 12th and the game launches on November 19th. It's already the seventeenth part of the shooter series - and the topic seems to be more topical than ever: Battlefield 2042 takes place in the eponymous year 2042. The earth has changed after decades of climate change, not necessarily for the better. The lack of resources led to a global economic crisis, over a billion people were declared stateless. What had to come came: the USA and Russia are fighting for the remaining raw materials and hiring stateless mercenaries for them.


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