Reload, a board game from Kolossal Games that uses the battle royale concept, is currently running on Kickstarter. Two to four players step into the arena to rake with weapons. English, French, Spanish and Portuguese localizations have so far been part of the crowdfunding campaign. Now Kolossal Games has announced a German version of Reload in an update - if there are enough interested fans. 

It seems that Kolossal Games has received several requests for a German-language localization for the Battle Royale board game Reload. As the publisher announced in an update on the Kickstarter website, there must be at least 150 interested fans in order for a German version to be produced. One corresponding survey started Kolossal Games to inquire about the demand.

The poll will stay on for the duration of the campaign, according to Kolossal Games Kickstarter unlocked. If the stated goal is achieved, you will be able to select a German version of Reload in the Pledge Manager.

Reload adheres closely to the battle royale idea

With Reload, Kolossal Games relies on the battle royale principle known from the video game segment. The most popular genre representatives are games like Fortnite, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or Apex Legends. The concept delights the masses and has developed into one of the gaming hypes over the past few years. In the meantime, toy publishers have jumped on the bandwagon to develop board games based on the popular game principle. Reload from Kolossal Games is each representative with a particularly faithful implementation.

An influencer video for the board game is available on the YouTube channel Cyrills Brettspiele:


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In Reload, two to four players - up to six players in the Superstar Pledge - fight for victory in the arena. The winner is the one with the most accumulated fame. Players slip into the roles of different characters, each with different special abilities. In the course of the game, the fighters get hold of weapons and armor, analogous to the battle royale video games, so they set out to achieve success.

In turn, the opponents can perform various actions, such as running, activating or looting - there are also special skills or the setting up of traps. In the fights you can choose to use melee attacks or riot opponents over a distance. The basic mechanisms of reload are closely based on those in video games, but in the board game variant they are executed in rounds and not in parallel.

The idea for the Battle Royale board game came from François Rouzé (Room 25) and Jean-Marc Tribet (7 de table); Chris Byer (Mezo) and Jacqui Davis (Viticulture) are responsible for the illustrations. the Campaign for reload on Kickstarter has already been successfully funded, but will run until February 18th. Kolossal Games had set itself a financing target of around 16.500 euros, and the project is now heading for 40.000 euros. The board game is attractively priced: the all-in pledge costs around 60 US dollars, the equivalent of around 50 euros; the base game, on the other hand, is already available for 29 US dollars, which corresponds to just under 25 euros. Delivery is planned for December 2021.


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