An unusual crowdfunding project will start on Kickstarter on May 18th. Unusual because the card game it’s about - “Battle of the Influencers” - is dedicated to one of the most controversial topics of modern times: influencers. From Greta to Ninja to Elon Musk, many more or less popular scene sizes are represented as card motifs. The gameplay itself is a classic, but a bit pepped up.  

Patrick Ackmann and Patrick Rometsch's project is at least brave: Influencers are popular, but by no means popular everywhere. Especially in the critical board game scene, it is sometimes difficult for the “Faces” to gain a foothold. After all: the Patricks are familiar with the subject. As fathers with a total of four daughters, the “Battle of the Influencers” is probably part of everyday family business. These are good prerequisites for successfully crowdfunding a card game despite the classic mechanics.

Playing cards in smartphone format

Ironically, the two makers chose quartet and trump for their card game “Battle of the Influencers”. Frequent gamers and experts are now bringing tears to their eyes, families with children influenced by influencers will probably celebrate the idea. The hand-painted illustrations come from the Romanian artist Pitica “Piggysart” Isabela, herself a micro-influencer and a kind of expert on fan art about famous people.

The card game relies on playing cards in smartphone format. No coincidence, because one of Patrick Ackmann and Patrick Rometsch are pursuing the idea of ​​reducing the “screen time” of young people. And: They want to promote the dialogue between young and old, but also the perspective of the young: So you use the influencer in order to be able to bring the older generations (yes, dear parents, you are also meant) closer to what children and adolescents are nowadays in busy in their free time. And so that mom, dad, grandma and grandpa can also learn, for example, information on the scene's personalities has been listed on the cards.

TV, newspaper, internet and now also card games: You can't escape the Kardashians. Image: Authors

TV, newspaper, internet and now also card games: You can't escape the Kardashians. Image: Authors

The idea arose - this is no longer surprising - in the midst of the pandemic situation. You have time to come up with game ideas - this also applies to the Patrick duo. The two mix the stars for the deck of cards from different genres, including political activists and influencers with “real messages”. Then there is a “battle” - and that is based on the classic trump and quartet: Influencers compete against each other and it is important to get all the stars of the opponent on his side. There are also different comparison categories, such as followers or craziness. The two of them bring a bit of fresh air into the game with additional cards, which should then ensure more interaction - the smartphone and real-life data are also used. A very entertaining trick that should be particularly popular with children.

The Crowdfunding campaign for "Battle of the Influencers", for which Patrick Ackmann and Patrick Rometsch have set a target of around 1.700 euros. 90 percent of the total goes to printing. The early bird pledge costs around eight euros. At the same time, supporters can also do something good and choose a support model that requires a total of ten euros: eight euros for the game and two euros as a donation to the media addiction department, which helps young people. The decks of cards should then be sent relatively quickly. It should only take just under a quarter for the “Battle of the Influencers” to go on tour after a successful campaign.

One goal: to break away from social media consumption with social media content

Anyone who regularly hangs around in the crowdfunding segment as a player, especially on Kickstarter, comes across classics every now and then - but rarely. One reason: Many die-hard fans see no incentive to support the “games of yesteryear” financially. The nostalgia factor works reasonably well on the Kickstarter platform. Patrick Ackmann and Patrick Rometsch try it in “Battle of the Influencers” anyway.

Are convinced that the campaign can work. On the one hand, there is the retro charm of the game principle: “Everyone knows it, understands it quickly, and often associates it with positive childhood memories, keyword car quartet”, says Patrick Ackmann. The makers have set a goal behind the goal. They want to try “to detach people from social media consumption with social media content” - that is an exciting contrast with a wink, which should also like to bring the topic up for discussion.

In addition, there is the loving design. “These things make the game, which you thought all variants might already exist, an insider tip,” says Patrick Ackmann. In addition, the special cards would add an exciting addition to the trump genre.

"We see the involvement of the target group in being able to determine the last cards themselves as a great inclusion and opportunity," explains the maker. And: "In addition, some of our influencers can hardly wait ...". Incidentally, the two Patricks make no secret of the fact that their game is more of a game in between: “We see it more as fun for the back seat in the car, during school break, at a party or together with the family, without being too profound or intense to be." And then there is again the not entirely obvious goal: But the “Battle of the Influencers” can also be used as an “exciting, media-critical discussion, for example in school lessons”. The duo sees the cross-generational game principle as one of the strengths of the card game: you can bring young and old to one table and “learn something new from each other”.

"It's the world's first influencer trump game."
Patrick Ackmann, author

Patrick Ackmann highlights what cannot be seen at first glance: “It is the world's first trump card game for influencers, and it arouses interest from those who sympathize with the topic of 'social media' - right up to the real fans of the influencers presented. There is also a large target group of 'casual' quartet / trump players: from children, gamers to older people, the quartet is still or is now moving again. " The actual innovation also comes from the connection with the company's own social media channels through the special cards. Overall, in the opinion of the two authors, the motto applies: sometimes less is more.

The duo Ackmann and Rometsch is sure that the game will find its way. Before and after the crowdfunding: “We can learn a lot from Kickstarter and reach new and interesting target groups right from the start,” says Patrick Ackmann.

If you ignore the mechanics, there is still a kind of “hurdle” that could, however, also turn out to be a stepping stone: the topic of influencers. The nice thing, explains Patrick Ackmann, is that the game only includes influencers who “we consider relevant, positive or worth mentioning for one reason or another”. There was a lot of discussion about the scene stars in order to create a meaningful and exciting mix.

“They should also be as interesting and unusual as possible,” says Ackmann. “You won't find the millionth make-up or food influencer that Bifi presents in the bathtub here”. Also, the player does not find any influencers in the game who continuously advertise unnecessary products to their target group, represent unsympathetic values ​​or the like.

There are also influencers with "Sinn" - they are then also called "Sinnfluencers" in this country. Image: Authors

There are also influencers with “meaning” - in this country they are also called “meaningful influencers”. Image: Authors

“We attached particular importance to having activists or so-called“ meaningful influencers ”with“ lower ”follower numbers with us, in order to bring them closer to people,” said Ackmann again about a goal behind the goal. However, he admits: "Nevertheless, we can hardly ignore the Kardashians, for example, as the world's most successful women entrepreneurs at the moment." The two authors are at least familiar with the basic topic - from their own experience. As fathers.

"The topics of" screen time "or" digital detox "concern every family today," says Patrick Ackmann. "Some are rigorous and ban TVs and the like, others unfortunately allow too much screen time so that everyone can have their peace of mind," is the devastating conclusion of a modern family man. “Our aim is to find the best scales: to allow children / adolescents not to grow up isolated / technically dependent, but also to offer them a direct opportunity to deal with the topic and to exchange ideas”. The “best case scenario” is when kids have an entertaining time with their parents or grandparents and an interesting exchange on the subject, where everyone learns something new.

In the end, the two of them not only came up with the card game “Battle of the Influencers” as an introductory title, but are also playful in a similar segment. Both are interested in the topics of board and card games - trump cards connect the authors and the illustrator. Patrick Ackmann relies on “Berliner Spätis” or “a round of Sagaland with the girls”. And: Ackmann and Rometsch also find e-sports exciting - influencers are of course a big topic there too.

The Crowdfunding campaign for "Battle of the Influencers" starts on May 18th on Kickstarter.


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