The first episode of the adventure game Batman: The Telltale Series from the eponymous developer Telltale Games was often free in the past. Episode 2 is currently also available for free in the Xbox Store.

Character Study of a Bat: Batman from Telltale

Telltale Games has already made a name for itself in the adventure genre with its predecessor titles. The terrific episode adventures Walking Dead, Game of Thrones  and Tales from theBorderlands enthusiastic gaming fans worldwide. Also Batman: The Telltale Series unmistakably builds on the familiar scaffolding. Since the release of the full season, fans of the bat have been able to enjoy the adventure in full length. If you are unsure, you may have already downloaded the first episode for free. This is also a prerequisite for a successful installation of Episode 2: Children of Arkham, which is currently available free of charge in the Xbox Store. Decisions await those players who follow in the footsteps of the dark avenger. 

Even if Batman: The Telltale Series play is rather shallow and quick-time events are the focus of the gameplay, it is above all the grandiose dialogues that turn the adventure game into a profound character study. Players get to know Batman or his alter ego Bruce Wayne from a completely new perspective.  

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