After Vienna Connection and Dune - Secrets of the Houses - Batman - Everybody Lies is a new title from Portal Games that also uses the investigation system of Detective - A Crime Board Game, nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres in 2019, and cleverly reinterprets it. The game is available in German and distributed by Pegasus Spiele, the publisher announced.

Batman is one of the most famous and popular superheroes of all time. There are well over 1.000 issues of DC's Detective Comics in which Batman made his debut in 1939 had, as well as numerous other comic series, films, video games and more. But what fits Batman and the Detective Comics better than Portal Games' award-winning Detective gameplay?

Crime about the bat

The new story-based deduction game Batman - Everybody Lies takes the players to the crime-ridden city of Gotham City. A short prologue introduces the game system, followed by three individually playable episodes, each lasting two to three hours. Of course, they can also be played as a coherent campaign.

Players are recruited by Jim Gordon to investigate cases outside of the Gotham City Police Department's purview. You each play one of four possible characters: veteran police officer Harvey Bullock™, passionate journalist Vicki Vale™, jaded journalist Warren Spacey or cunning thief Selina Kyle aka Catwoman™. In each episode, players must work together while trying to achieve their own personal goals. After each of the three episodes, players fill out a final report and are judged on both the time it took them and the secrets they uncovered.

Batman - Everybody Lies is available now. The suggested retail price is EUR 44,99. The Kenner game is suitable for two to four people aged 16 and over and lasts around 120 to 180 minutes per episode. Also available is an investigation set containing all of Portal Games' goodies to add flavor to the game. The set includes two high-quality, printed wooden markers, a notebook for the investigation and printouts of the Gotham Gazette™ newspaper, which will be needed for the detective work in Batman - Everybody Lies.

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