In January 2021, the project could easily be started digitally. The association tells young and old plays. Playing digital has the goal of enabling encounters and social participation and this also digitally.

Playing digitally digitizes the club's offers in the core areas: "Training and adaptation of digital games for older people and people with disabilities", "accessible website" and "creation of accessible material for explaining the rules of parlor games" (videos, websites, PDFs). This enables people to come into contact “online” regardless of their age and abilities due to the equal digital opportunities created in this way. The focus is primarily on senior citizens in order to enable playful exchange with younger people and thus contribute to improving their quality of life.

New edition of the program thanks to cultural funding

The project could be implemented easily digitally by the beginning of 2022 through several pillars: Funding from the postcode lottery enabled the conception and organization of the project. The donation campaign in December 2020 at the Sparkasse Rottal-Inn then made it possible to settle expenses for media designers, volunteer fees and hardware and software. The additional costs incurred for the project were then primarily covered by a grant of 1.500 euros from Spiel des Jahres e. V. and other regional donations.

The project was successfully completed. But that wasn't the end, because there is good news: With a grant from NEUSTART KULTUR from the Federal Association of Socio-Culture, we were able to relaunch it digitally in February. The program can therefore be continued until at least September 2022. Ideas that can be easily implemented digitally and permanently are already being prepared. 

Game deals are listed here: When it comes to gaming offerings, new – easily accessible – games are being introduced to ensure diversity. In this way, we increase digital equality and quality of life for people who have difficulties with digital access in a playful way.

Information on digital training: Digital offers and training courses help people, regardless of age and ability, to come into contact and spend a playful time together.

 So far, five explanatory videos have been created for the games: Splendor, Qango, LAMA, Memoaaar! and Detective Club. These games have received the Generations Play seal and are ideal for cross-generational play. Attention is paid to simple language, slow explanations and subtitles in the greatest possible sense of accessibility. More videos are nearing completion.

The feedback on the videos was consistently positive. One person writes: “These videos help my parents-in-law a lot!” Another person says: “Because of my work in the home for the disabled and also in the work with the elderly, I am always on the lookout for suitable “tangible” material. Through the clear step-by-step videos, the participants can learn the rules of the game themselves. In this way, independence and self-confidence can be strengthened in a wonderful and approachable way. True to the motto: "Help me to do it myself".

Furthermore, a photo gallery was created as well as a PDF for downloading/printing. There are a variety of ways to learn the rules of the game. Rule explanations at:


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