Barotrauma celebrates its third birthday while also announcing the milestone of two million Steam users. The sci-fi submarine simulation with a good dose of horror celebrates three years of Early Access and the upcoming full release with updates, additional content and announcements

In addition to a number of bug fixes, the update also offers some quality-of-life improvements, solves performance problems and introduces great new features. A number of new gameplay elements are available now. These include new setting options for campaign difficulty, the ability to swap items between submarines, and three new beacon stations. There are also modding improvements to give the Barotrauma community even more options.

More submarines for Barotraum

During Barotrauma's three-year stint in Early Access, the game has continued to evolve and expand thanks to the extensive work of the community. The following is an overview of the most important new content and updates based on community feedback:

  • 17 new or improved submarines
  • 69 new or improved missions
  • 43 new events
  • 33 new or improved monsters
  • 60 updates, patches and hotfixes on Steam
  • 8852 processed tickets

In recognition of the special bond it has with the community, Daedalic is pleased to announce that Barotrauma is almost complete with only a handful of new features and major reworks remaining. These upcoming features include:

  • General Game Balance: Balancing, polishing and optimizing all systems.
  • Tutorial Improvements: Perfecting the "easy to learn, hard to master" gameplay by increasing accessibility.
  • Campaign Factions: Faction rework focusing on the “Jovian Separatists”, the “Coalition” as well as the “Husks” and “Clowns” and their secret plans.
  • More Submarines: New vanilla submarines to improve the campaign experience.
  • Endgame: The long-awaited ending with a new location and storyline.

Anniversaries are made to celebrate past achievements and look to the future. Daedalic rejoices with the fans and players worldwide and wishes a fun journey to new realms.

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