Steamforged Games had distributed information about the RPG board game when the start of the crowdfunding campaign was still a long way off. The project has now started on Kickstarter - and has even been extremely successful. Players can still opt for support until November 27th, but Steamforged Games has long since reached its funding goal. Even more: the campaign goal has tripled in the meantime.

The cooperative board game Bardsung relies on a classic fantasy setting. In a playful way, Steamforged Games focuses on a campaign-driven dungeon adventure. Players should be kept busy for around 50 hours.

A world sung about by bards

The name of the board game is no coincidence: it is about a world whose heroes are sung about by bards, in which adventures are numerous and in which dangers lurk that players have to face, either in a group of up to five comrades-in-arms or on request also alone. The goal? Become a hero in a song of the bards and become a famous adventurer.

The game starts with a simple field, then a labyrinth is gradually created that adventurers have to traverse. What can you find in the course of your trip? Lots of monsters, even more loot and of course fame and honor. The board game takes its inspiration from classic dungeon crawlers, but also role-playing games. Steamforged Games has turned this into an RPG exploration adventure, in which not only a story is told over several chapters, but heroes are leveled up and equipped the deeper the adventurer group delves into the winding cave systems.

A highlight: There are no static character classes. Players can therefore adapt their heroes to their own feel and thus increase the basic values, buy new skills or improve existing skills. Another highlight should be the participating guest authors, among whom Ian Livingston and Rhianna Pratchett can be found.

Bardsung's game components typically look like fantasy. Image: Steamforged Games

Bardsung's game components typically look like fantasy. Image: Steamforged Games

The RPG board game constantly works with decisions that players have to make. This not only affects the characters, but also progress on the board - including possible consequences of the decisions made. When designing the game board, Steamforged Games is based on roguelike video games: the world is procedurally generated, so it looks different every time it is played through. Of course, this works using different map tiles, which can then be placed next to each other in different ways.

The Bardsung crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter runs successfully. Steamforged Games has already exceeded the set financing target of around 85.000 euros - and significantly. The campaign is now worth over 250.000 euros, with over 3.300 supporters taking part. Until November 27th there will probably be a few more: You have to invest the equivalent of 85 euros, for this you get the “Hero Pledge”, which includes the basic game, a Kickstarter Exclusive and all stretch goals achieved. The delivery of Bardsung is planned for May 2022 - so it will take around a year and a half before the game is ready for the market.


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