As the publisher Asmodee Germany announced, versions of the word game Bananagrams and the reaction game Cobra Paw will appear from the third quarter of the year as part of an exclusive sales partnership.

"With the sales partnership with Bananagrams Asmodee can offer its dealers these outstanding games exclusively and bring Bananagrams to even more dealers and players through the extensive customer network," said Essen. Asmodee has added the word games Bananagrams Classic, My First Bananagrams and Bananagrams Duel to its range. In addition, the reaction game Cobra Paw will become part of the portfolio.

Bananagrams: Fast, handy, for all ages

The word game Bananagrams was invented by the Nathanson family. She was looking for a concept that can be played quickly, works for different age groups as a shared gaming experience and is handy enough for travel.

Today the game in the practical and unusual banana bag is one of the more popular genre representatives and, according to Asmodee, is sold in over 30 countries. The aim is to use up all of your letter tiles as quickly as possible. To do this, the players lay out words in front of them that must be connected to one another. Unlike other word games, each player builds his own word grid. The highlight: No points are counted, it's all about speed and the right words.

Bananagrams Duel is a modification of the original. Image: Asmodee

Bananagrams Duel is a modification of the original. Image: Asmodee

My First Bananagrams and Bananagrams Duel continue the idea of ​​the classic game. The first game enables children to get started with word games and slowly introduces them to reading and forming words. The second is perfect for two players and brings exciting duels with tricky task and topic cards into play.

Cobra Paw is the latest work from the makers of Bananagrams. This time, however, it is not a word guessing game: In Cobra Paw, a fast dice game, players have to grab the tiles that match the throw as quickly as possible. The concept is reminiscent of the legendary children's game Monsterjäger and other genre representatives, in which children had to hit cards with rubber hands. A good eye and a quick reaction are required so that the opponents do not grab the right tiles first.

So far, the games have been available through Game Factory, and Asmodee will take over exclusive distribution from the third quarter of 2021.


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