The hype surrounding Baby Yoda has also reached Germany: Hasbro has announced that advance sales of “The Child” figures from Disney's Star Wars series The Mandalorian have officially started. The new figure series consists of a total of four different products. According to Hasbro Germany, orders will be delivered from spring 2020. 

Anyone who has already seen the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian and has fallen in love with Baby Yoda can pre-order the corresponding figures from now on. Hasbro has released a series of characters under the title “The Child” consisting of several products, including a Black Series character, a talking plush figure, a six-figure collectible collection and a posable toy figure.   

Quick fame: Baby Yoda is already considered a fan favorite

There was no doubt that merchandise products would be developed along with the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Shortly after the first episodes were broadcast, a first fan favorite emerged: Baby Yoda, officially also known as “The Child”.

Hasbro is now bringing the characters to Germany as well. The talking plush version of the Yoda baby should appeal to children in particular. A cute design, posable arms and a few accessories - a bone soup bowl and an Sorgan frog - will probably make even the youngest Star Wars fans scream with delight. 

Baby Yoda also appeals to collectors: The figure appears as part of Hasbro's "Black Series". Photo: Hasbro

Baby Yoda also appeals to collectors: The figure appears as part of Hasbro's “Black Series”. Photo: Hasbro

For adults, on the other hand, Baby Yoda from the well-known Black Series should be interesting. The approx. 2,8 cm tall figure is based on the look of The Child and is made with great attention to detail. The many points of movement also make it very agile. The figure brings accessories such as a small bone soup bowl, a play ball and a sorgan frog. 

The “Black Series” is successful worldwide. The trademark of the Black Series are extremely detailed and realistic modeling. This can be seen in the facial expressions of the characters and in the role play products. 

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The “Bounty Collection” of the “The Child” product line is also aimed at collectors, but also at a younger audience. Baby Yoda is then available as 5,5 centimeter tall figures in six different designs. The Child then sips soup, wraps himself in a blanket, wants to be cuddled, plays with his ball and invokes power. There should be exclusive double packs in advance sales. Another new feature is a movable toy figure that is around 16 centimeters tall. In this variant, Baby Yoda will have movable elements. This figure is also inspired by the series The Mandalorian.

According to Hasbro, all characters will be about among other things The Amazon* can be pre-ordered. All products in the figure series should be delivered as early as next spring. 

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