Every year, the German-language card and board game innovations are awarded the German Games Prize. The audience award is ceremoniously awarded at the International Game Days SPIEL trade fair in Essen. This year, the corks should pop again at Pegasus Spiele in Friedberg, Hesse: Michael Kiesling's Azul board game was awarded the 2018 German Games Prize. The German Children's Games Prize 2018 goes to the card game Memoarrr !.

Azul wins the German Games Prize 2018

Tiling is the trend of the current year of games. If players 'and critics' opinions have prepared the underground, the award has to be made at the latest Game of the Year 2018 the ground for the path of success for the most addicting board game Blue von Michael Kiesling „gefliest“.

Blue was and is on everyone's lips: after being awarded the 2018 German Games Prize, more than ever. The audience award is one of the most important awards in the German toy industry, not least because the award ceremony is held every year at the world's largest trade fair for board and card games.

Azul and Memoarrr! win the German Games Prize 2018

Michael Kiesling's clever idea makes Blue a unique board game that combines low entry barriers and enormous strategic possibilities. Inexperienced tilers and masters of their trade will have a lot of fun with Azul - a fact that comparatively few games can bring to the gaming table in this form.

As a winner of the German Games Prize 2018 Blue* Join the ranks of great board games such as Terraforming Mars (2017), 7 Wonders (2011) or Carcassonne (2001). 

The other games in the top 10 list of the German Games Prize 2018 are among the biggest competing titles:

2. GAIA PROJECT by Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller (Tierra del Fuego)
3.RAJAS OF THE GANGES by Inka and Markus Brand (HUCH!)
4. CLANS OF CALEDONIA by Juma Al-JouJou (Karma Games)
5. HEAVEN & ALE by Michael Kiesling and Andreas Schmidt
(eggertspiele / Pegasus)
6. PANDEMIC LEGACY SEASON 2 by Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau
(Z-Man Games / Distribution Asmodée)
7. KLONG! by Paul Dennen (Schwerkraft-Verlag)
8. THE QUACKSALVER OF QUEDLINBURG by Wolfgang Warsch (Schmidt)
9. THE MIND by Wolfgang Warsch (Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag
10. ALTIPLANO by Reiner Stockhausen (dlp games) The award ceremony will take place on October 24, 2018 in Essen.

Memoarrr! wins German Children's Games Prize 2018

Supporting children's learning experiences by harnessing their natural, childish play instincts is one of the reasons children's games are so important. Age-appropriate content promotes essential skills and abilities in a playful way - above all with fun.

On too Memoarrr! by Carlo Bortolini, published by Edition Spielwiese and Pegasus Spiele, this is the case. This card game succeeds so well in promoting the social behavior of children because it is able to bring players from different age groups together at one table. Even adults can go with it Memoarrr! Experience entertaining moments - and learn how to lose again against children.

Azul and Memoarrr! win the German Games Prize 2018

Make a clever game idea, understandable rules, great illustrations and an attractive purchase price Memoarrr!* the ideal family and children's game.

Given these arguments, the award of the German Children's Games Prize 2018 is completely understandable. The game idea on a 5 x 5 field grid is reminiscent of classic memory games, but is completely different. Two essential picture elements on each of the game tiles ensure that the players' ability to concentrate is challenged to a high degree: animals and backgrounds. It is a matter of serving the uncovering of the previous player, either by uncovering the appropriate animal or background. This modification of the traditional memo principle works extremely well and appeals to children of different age groups. Deviating from the publisher's recommendation, children around the age of 7 (or even a few months younger) should be able to understand the catchy rules. 

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