Azul is a playful treat that combines simple rules and beautiful visuals in a tactical game. Unfortunately, the tiles in the latest edition of the game are not suitable for those with a real sweet tooth. However, they are definitely visually appealing. Next Move Games will present the limited edition at SPIEL.

The Azul series has four independent games so far. The basic game is now available in a delicious special edition. The limited Azul: Master Chocolatier was announced by Next Move Games and will be presented at the SPIEL in Essen. The "tiles" here are modeled on chocolate and other sweets. Unfortunately, that doesn't make them edible. In addition to the new look, there is also a game-mechanical innovation. How much this changes the feel of the game cannot yet be estimated with the information known so far. Of course, fans of the basic game can also play with the classic rules and simply enjoy the new look.

Azul: The sweet temptation

The factory boards printed on both sides (the player boards) offer two possible variants for the game. One side offers the same game as known from classic Azul. On the other hand, there are special effects that affect the game in one way or another. Which effects these are in detail and how much they affect the gameplay cannot be estimated with the current information.

In Azul: Master Chocolatier you choose a tile from the middle or from one of the factory tiles as usual and take all tiles of the same type from there. Once all the tiles have been distributed from the middle, they are placed on the previously assigned rows on your own tableau. If you draw more stones than you can place, you get minus points. When a row is full, the game ends. Points are awarded for complete rows, complete columns and for five tiles of a type.

Like the classic Azul is too Master Chocolatier suitable for 2-4 sweet tooths from 8 years. A game takes 30-45 minutes. It is currently not known whether the limited edition will also appear in German.

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