A board game about highways was successful as a crowdfunding on Kickstarter at a time when cars and fuel enjoyed a rather dubious reputation. In any case, the idea of ​​Fabio Lopiano and Nestore Mangone in cooperation with Alley Cat Games is well received: the financing goal has not only been reached for a long time, but significantly exceeded.

Simply dragging concrete across the landscape and receiving praise for it is no longer an issue in view of climate change. Many a car lobbyist has a hard time with the resistance of the environmental activists. So what to do? Switch to bicycles and public transport and build highways at best in the board game of the same name. Andreas Scheuer could have prevented quite a few scandals with it - and it's even cheaper.

Autobahn: A Board Game

Building roads, rolling fat trucks and regularly refueling them - that sounds almost crazy in view of the current global political situation. But that's exactly what's possible in the Autobahn board game by Alley Cat Games: the mix of worker placement and placement games with a pick-up-and-deliver trick is well received by crowdfunding fans. On Kickstarter, the creators are diligently collecting funds to realize Autobahn. The target was 14.581 euros, no transport politician could have calculated the sum better. In the meantime, more than 750 percent of the targeted amount has been reached - and the campaign does not end until May 12th.

Over 2.200 supporters have currently made just over 110.000 euros available to finance Autobahn. In real life, that would not even be enough for the gravel path from Wattenscheid to Bochum-Mitte, but for a board game that is also produced in Europe, the sum is considerable. The makers are open about it: it costs more, but the logistics costs are lower and the board games get to the players faster after completion. Basically, Alley Cat Games is reacting directly to the tense situation in the area of ​​​​resources and logistics.

The board game about autobahns is not particularly expensive either: it starts with the retail pledge of 52 euros, the exclusive Kickstarter Edition costs supporters not even ten euros more - that was it with the agony of choice. The tidy Kickstarter campaign is fair: no bling-bling, no inflated special content at an additional price, no collection of countless extensions or even kilos of plastic - everything you need to play is included in the basic box - and in the case of the Kickstarter Edition there is added some mini content.

If you also want to save on shipping, you can buy the board game on the SPIEL'22 in Essen than can simply be picked up via the pick-up service.

A goods cycle is the focus at Autobahn, and of course logistics. You have to build roads, manage budgets, send trucks with goods onto the highways and get the goods to their destinations faster than your opponents. So it's competitive. In any case, the authors stand for quality: Fabio Lopiano was previously responsible for Merw and Zapotec, Nestore Mangone for Newton.

The Autobahn Kickstarter campaign runs until May 12th. The board game should have reached the players in November 2022 - unless you use the SPIEL in Essen option, in which case you can probably start earlier.

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