The Atari name became legendary in the 70s through video games, video game consoles, and computer games. Renowned video games (Pong, Asteroids, Missile Command) and video game consoles will bring back childhood memories in every 40 to 50 year old. The time has now come, the manufacturer wants to become a pioneer again and enter the field of video games based on blockchain technology. This crypto currency is then to be used in its own online casino.

Atari has been working on a decentralized platform for many types of entertainment since 2018. The platform should be based on a blockchain and provide access to games and other types of entertainment. An in-house crypto currency should serve as a means of payment. At the time, Atari gave the Infinity Networks Ltd. a trademark license for the development of a blockchain that was to be used to produce a cryptocurrency, the well-known Atari token. The contracts with Infinity Networks Ltd. however, were mutually dissolved and Atari gave a new trademark license to the ICICB Group. This is the new partner in the Atari crypto entertainment wonderland.

Two tokens and a crypto casino

In May, Atari teamed up with the blockchain company Arkane, which specializes in developing crypto tokens for video games. A token sale for two crypto currencies is expected to take place shortly. The plan is to use an Atari token for an entertainment platform. As well as opening online casinos together with the gambling company Pariplay, in which the pong token is supposed to be the internal currency. By and large, Atari is now entering a new entertainment world and the company is taking the big step to expand with already established providers to measure in the field of crypto and bitcoin casinos and thus to be able to build on the successes of his past.

Advantages of the crypto casinos

The biggest advantage of the new trend, cryptocurrencies, is security. And when gamblers want to sit down at a computer and enjoy the game, they want security. If you want to deposit with Bitcoins in the online casino, all you have to do is enter your wallet address. Access is made possible via a QR code, which is anonymous and secure. The operators of EU-licensed internet casinos have to verify the names of the customers for the payout, but no sensitive bank or personal payment details have to be given.

Disadvantages of the crypto casinos

Because there is no central authority that controls cryptocurrencies and the transactions are anonymous, it is hardly possible to cancel misdirected transfers. The protection of privacy and the encryption of the crypto currencies hardly allow for troubleshooting. If you enter the wrong Bitcoin wallet address when transferring money, then you may be able to send the money to a different recipient and no longer be able to claim the amount back. There are no legal supervisory options for cryptocurrencies. Should someone hack your crypto wallet and steal money, no legal institution can stand by your side.

Poker should also be played in the crypto casino.

Poker should also be played in the crypto casino.

New challenge for Atari: Atari Hotels - E-Entertainment Resort

 In January 2020, Atari entered into a deal with the GSD Group and started its own hotel chain called  Atari hotels known. The first accommodation will be built in Phoenix, Arizona before the end of this year, a slight delay due to the global corona pandemic will only throw the project out of schedule for a short time. In the coming year, more hotels are planned in other US states and even outside the USA. The facilities of these hotels include numerous entertainment facilities, such as studios for esports events. Each accommodation is equipped with the highest level of entertainment products. A new outfit of an old concept or the breakthrough in the e-entertainment world - it remains to be seen.

The token sports betting area in planning - a step into the future

As already mentioned, Atari has struck gold in the search for new challenges and so the large video game manufacturer will use its proprietary cryptocurrency for sports betting in the gaming sector. Atari starts a cooperation with the e-sports betting provider Unikrn, which integrates the popular Atari video games Centipede, Pong and Asteroids on its own platform and Atari opens up the betting provider's user base for its own crypto token. If you pay attention to the trend, you will find that sports betting will be an important factor in e-sports in the future. This cooperation is therefore certainly a win-win for both parties.

Your own token casino - a good idea or another failure?

Some voices were raised about Atari's competence in this business. In the past, Atari has suffered a few setbacks, but has gained experience from them. Atari has entered into collaborations with well-founded partners in the online casino project, which is completely new territory for the company. Atari itself has many years of experience in gaming, but there are voices in the industry that do not want to give the company, which has been in the red in recent years, a chance. It remains to be seen whether Atari can master the challenge and live up to expectations. A big question mark remains, however, because online casinos are a dime a dozen, Atari has to create added value for the gamer community!