In cooperation with the English publisher Stonemaier Games, Tierra del Fuego will launch the German version of Pendulum this autumn. A board game that makes time one of the decisive game factors.

The English version can be ordered from August, the German version at the Tierra del Fuego from September and the first copies should be available in specialist shops in October. Both publishers are known for their more demanding expert games, such as Scythe, Tapestry and Flügelschlag.

Asymmetrical worker placement

Tierra del Fuego Games is currently publishing more and more information about the board game on social media channels. So you now know that the 90 minutes of playing time can be spent with two to five players. And that there will also be a solo version. The game is written by Travis Jones and illustrated by Robert Leask. The age limit is twelve years.

In terms of game mechanics, Pendulum is a worker placement game, but it has some special features. There is no fixed number of rounds, because the playing time determines the game. Noticeable are three small hourglasses that ensure the asymmetrical game events. These run with different times and each stand for different strong actions. So you have to decide whether to give away a worker for longer to play a strong action or quickly perform a weak one.

The game material is promising. Image rights: @jameystegmaier, BGG

Basically, each player chooses one of ten characters, each with different strengths, which can be seen on the player boards. Then it is time to win the battle for the throne in Dünya. The actions are first chosen and as soon as the time runs out, they can then be implemented.

Four scales bring the victory points: prestige, power, popularity and special achievements. In order to achieve this, the workers must be used strategically and keep track of the time. Whoever manages to build the best "engine" will win.

During the test days of Stonemaier Games, meaning the "Game Design Day (s)", Pendulum received the best rating of all test copies: a score of 9,3. So one can be curious.

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