Asmodee Germany has been establishing the “Modern Classics” campaign since July, which focuses on board games for beginners and casual gamers. The publisher recommends a total of eight game titles, which, according to its own statements, is aimed at “beginners, lovers of old classics and young and old at the same time”.  

The “Modern Classics” are board games that are characterized by easy accessibility and fast fun. Although they are classics, the eight titles selected for the campaign are far from being scrapped.

Classics should encourage play

Asmodee has selected completely different board games with equally different concepts in order to inspire beginners for analog gaming fun: from team play to communication to creativity and strategy, titles such as Codenames, Pandemic or the new edition of 7 Wonders appeal to different types of players. All board games from the campaign are easy to learn and, according to Asmodee, are “perfect for beginners”, and most of the titles should even attract experienced players to the tables. The claim of the campaign is aptly based on the motto: “Just play with everyone!”

"Modern Classics is aimed primarily at people who are not deeply familiar with the gaming world," says Asmodee. More than 2.000 new products in the field of parlor games appear on the market every year. This is a deterrent for beginners without people looking for a gift, explains the Essen-based publisher.

“And the old, always bought games have been out of date for a long time. This is where the Modern Classics want to remedy the situation. " In view of the time of year, it is logical to also look to the Christmas business, when board and card games will again be under the decorated fir trees this year. When it comes to Asmodee, at least one of the following campaign titles is included:

  • Dixit (Dragon Lude)
  • Codenames (Czech Games Edition)
  • Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder)
  • Concept (repos)
  • Pandemic (Z-Man Games)
  • Splendor (Space Cowboys)
  • Carcassonne (Hans in Luck)
  • 7 Wonders (repo)

To push the action, Asmodee also has one Website posted on the web for the campaign. There you can find more information about “Modern Classics”.


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