In July, Asmodee brings its Unlock, just in time for the holiday season! Scenarios in the handy single box format. In addition, several short adventures localized in German are available free of charge to download and print out yourself.

Escape room games in a handy format

Unlock! is an escape room and puzzle series developed by French publisher Space Cowboys and published by Asmodee. Every single case transports the players into new worlds and presents them with tricky and entertaining tasks.

While the next new adventures are being developed, the first cases will be offered individually and in a practical small format to match the start of the holiday. These are the scenarios The formula, In the Mousetrap and The island of Dr. Goorse. In The formula we want to secure a strange serum in a secret laboratory. In the mousetrap is a cartoon-style adventure in which we have to stop a terrible professor. The island of Dr. Goorse is a trapped secret base of an eccentric billionaire.

The free app provides the players with support with puzzles. It gives help, confirms solved puzzles and codes and even contributes new puzzles to the game. Passing on the scenarios is not a problem, because the game material is not destroyed by working on the puzzles.

Free demos

Unlock! Row does not yet know or just needs replenishment, can now easily get demos. There are several short adventures that Asmodee has located for demo purposes and is now making available for free download. The files can be printed out by yourself and then used immediately. All fans of the unlock! All those who would like to get to know them can find the short and demo scenarios collected on the Asmodee homepage under the link:

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