Asmodee USA has announced that it will increase prices for games across all channels starting next year. The reasons given include price increases for materials and with regard to logistics.

Some publishers had previously announced that they would have to increase the prices for board games due to the current situation on the world market, for example Pegasus Spiele. Now Asmodee USA is also reacting and on Friday announced price increases with effect from February 2022.

From Catan to Star Wars: Everything is more expensive

The price increases affect various game titles across all channels, as the message says. The price increase varies: According to the US subsidiary, selected titles from Catan, Days of Wonder, Edge, Fantasy Flight Games, Libellud, Lookout Games, Mixlore, Oy Marektoy, Pearl Games, Space Cowboys, Z-Man Games and are affected Zygomatic.

This also makes core brands more expensive, such as parts from the successful Marvel Champions series and the Star Wars role-playing games (pen & paper), for which the Egde Studios, founded in 2020, are responsible. A total of over 270 game titles appearing in the United States are affected.

In individual cases, the price increases are up to ten US dollars based on the manufacturer's recommended retail price. For example, the price of Small World increases from around 50 to around 60 dollars.

Asmodee USA cites increases in raw material and transport costs over the past year as reasons. By raising the prices of some products, Asmodee USA says it wants to ensure that it offers the "outstanding service in sales, distribution and marketing" that customers have come to expect.

Dealers can order the affected titles until February 20, 2022 at the current RRP. It is the "last chance to buy" at current prices, according to Asmodee USA, before the increases take effect on February 21, 2022.

Asmodee Germany recently addressed the global challenges in the logistics sector at the press presentation. Officially, there have not yet been any notifications of price increases, but there were rumors of increases in purchase prices of around 7,5 percent as early as the summer. However, in view of the situation, effects on the prices of Asmodee games in this country are likely. Other publishers have already communicated this openly.

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