Summer, sun, board games: Asmodee Germany has started a campaign under the hashtag # draussenspiele. Ten titles are the focus, so fans can win ten times - in two ways. Those who take part can not only win against their fellow players, but also take part in a competition and have the chance to win prizes.

This year most of them will probably spend their vacation in Germany, and when the weather is nice this not only helps the environmental balance but can also be really fun. Whether on the Baltic Sea, in the Alps or simply in the allotment garden around the corner, you can spend time with family and friends anywhere. And if you are already lugging your camping equipment with you to the next lake, you can also bring an entertaining game with you.

# play outside and tag asmodee_germany

Playing outdoors is always a good idea, whether with a table or on the picnic blanket, and you can now also clear away properly. Asmodee is giving away 2.000 euros each for ten weeks. Anyone who uploads a picture of the fun in nature on Instagram will be included in the lottery pot.

These are the conditions to be able to participate. In addition, you can't use every game. Ten board games Asmodee made a selection, of course the publisher's classics are also included:

And if you still need inspiration, you can also look for new ideas under the hashtag. A great thing that makes board games a hit even in summer, because to have fun while playing, it doesn't have to rain outside.

Dixit by Libellud is one of the board games that the action is all about. Photo: Volkmann

Dixit by Libellud is one of the board games that the action is all about. Photo: Volkmann

Asmodee has created a Print & Play so that everyone can take part in the campaign. Here you can simply search for your favorite games on the website and print them out at home. Those who are reluctant to take their beloved games outside can also do so easily with the Print & Play version. This means that valuable playing cards cannot be lost or even get wet.

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